Betsy Devos is an Active Leader in the U.S. Government

The new Secretary of the Department of Education is Betsy Devos, and she is a respected and longtime philanthropist in education in Michigan and for the National Republican Party. She and her husband, Dick DeVos, have spent the past three decades improving legislation and business in Grand Rapids and other cities in Michigan. Dick Devos’s father founded the internationally successful Amway Corporation during the 1960s, and Dick served as president from 1993 – 2001.


Betsy DeVos has always been dedicated to improving education in this state both for her children and every other child. She is especially interested in improving the public school system with the voucher system and by creating more charter schools. Michigan is one of the leading states with charter schools.


Both Devoses come from wealthy, established families with long career histories in business, government, education, and philanthropy. During Betsy’s career, she and her husband have donated over $139 million for improving education in Michigan and the Republican party; they are leaders of the Devos Family Foundation which manages their funds.


Betsy Devos has a reputation of being publicly polite and a real political fighter, and that is exactly what is needed in our government today. Appointing her to Secretary was one of the first political decisions that President Trump made after he was elected in 2016, and it was a vote of change. She now resides in Washington DC.


As an example of her tenacity and commitment to her position, Betsy met with gay and transgender employees in the Education Department just before Trump was to rescind the federal policy that allowed their choice of restrooms. By doing this, Betsy made sure that they were already informed when he rescinded the policy.


Betsy Devos has always stood for finding alternative education for the public school system, which she says “should plainly and simply be shut down.” In order to defend and support her legislation, she founded the Great Lakes Education Project and other related agencies. Besty and Dick Devos are both active philanthropists in the Republican party as they continue to donate while Dick manages his own conglomerate of companies.


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