Academy of Art University Views Different Points of the Fashion Industry

The July edition of highlights Academy of Art University alumni who strive to create inclusive fashion. Two entrepreneurs, Stephanie Thomas and Beau Oyler, have used their personal challenges to create products that will accommodate people with different disabilities. Chelsea Werner, represented by her mother Lisa Werner, is mentioned in as an athlete and model who walked in New York’s Fashion Week and also has Down Syndrome.

The person without recognizable disabilities takes their motor skills for granted. He/she doesn’t think about closing buttons or pulling a zipper shut. These are skills that a person with a disability has to work around every day, whether missing fingers like Ms. Thomas, or due to disease such as Mr. Oyler. It is inspirational how these individuals combine their creativity with challenge to address needs previously ignored.

The beginning of the 21 century is becoming known for genuine inclusion of all people regardless of race, color, creed or ability. Academy of Art University is at the forefront of this revolution with cutting edge technology such as 3-D laser printing and perpetually changing courses to reflect the our society. Mr. Oyler and Ms. Thomas are two examples of innovators who have learned business skills and creative technique to influence our culture using different mediums.

The Academy of Art University helps students discover art skills they never knew they had. The Academy’s diverse catalog includes industrial, fashion and graphic design; marketing; audio production, and more. Started in 1929, the Academy has grown to include online and study abroad courses. The list of programs the Academy of Art has to offer is extensive. Companies ranging from social media, Facebook and Google, to manufacturers like Hyundai have hired Academy of Art University Alumni. At this California institution, students have the opportunity to combine talent with technical skill to contribute to the interweaving patterns of American culture.

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