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Victoria Doramus Overcame Her Addiction

Victoria Doramus went to rehab in Tucson, Arizona for Adderall and cocaine addiction in 2011. She learned a lot during those 45 days that she brought with her to LA. She tried getting new friends, moving, and attending grad school in London before going to a rehab center in Connecticut in 2016. She then went to NYC where she eventually became homeless. She was struggling with amphetamines, sometimes consuming a bottle a day. She was arrested on Thanksgiving in 2106 while alone in NYC.

In a post from Blog Web Pedia, She decided to fly to Austin, Texas in 2017, to Burning Tree. This center had a 12-step program, where you begin every day with prayer and meditation. You then do chores before joining a group to have peer confrontations. Every night they had AA meetings, and she acknowledged the existence of a higher power. Once she was done with the program, she moved to a Dallas halfway house/sober living house. She began waiting tables and riding the bus to work. She worked for four months before taking a plane ride to see her mom in Nashville, Tennessee.

In January, Victoria, a marketing expert, went back to NYC to work with different addiction non-profits. She helps others who are suffering with addictions, and she wants to start her own halfway house in NYC. She wrote a memoir called Adderall: A Love Story. She believes you can’t overcome your addiction alone, but need peer support and personal responsibility. She obtained peace by not trying to control the outcome. She talks to an addiction therapists and addiction groups to maintain sobriety. Victoria (@iamvictorialynn) was honest with herself and stopped acting like a victim. She has changed a lot for the better, and hopes to continue her self discovery.

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Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Remains America’s Number One Financial Investment Scheme That Works Wonders

When Matt Badiali introduces Freedom Checks idea in the minds of the Americans, most of them brushed him off saying he doesn’t know what he is doing. Those who thought they knew what he was doing castigated him, calling him a fraudster, a scammer and every sort of name they would find. Today, things are very different. Those who castigated Matt Badiali are gnashing their teeth. They say they wish they were given another chance. Of course, Matt’s financial investment scheme is open to all that are willing to save for their future.

Thanks to the Freedom Checks that was started by Badiali, thousands of Americans thronged various banks to each receive their share of the staggering $34.6 billion that was issued on June. This was just the first phase of the investment. It is easy to see why many now refer Freedom Checks to be the simplest yet practical saving strategy of our day. Lisa Luhrmann, a lady from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who is in her late 50s said that she was very happy to have listened to Matt Badiali’s advice. In the month of June, Ms. Luhrman received $66, 570. Dough Smith who hails from Joplin, Missouri is another Freedom Checks beneficiary. Smith, 46, received $24, 075. The other one is Mike Reed, who is said to be the highest beneficiary in the month of June. Reed, a 53-year-old Golden, Colorado resident said he was a happy man when he received his $160, 923 paychecks. It is true that when Matt Badiali started this saving idea, he didn’t know how much one could get. But he knew that people would benefit from the investment strategy.

Matt Badiali Education

Matt Badiali is an expert in his field. He has spent many years studying earthy sciences and geology. This has enabled him to have hands on various business opportunities on oil wells, agriculture as well as mining, all of which relate to the earth’s natural resources. Badiali has a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences in Geology, a B.S. degree on the same as well as an MA on the same field. He has gone to three different universities including the University of North Carolina and Penn State University. Badiali has traveled a lot.

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Contributions Of Jose Auriemo Neto In The Growth Of JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto is an executive in the real sector in Brazil. He is the CEO of a company known as JHSF. JHSF is one of the companies which has been in the real estate sector of the last four decades. It has facilitated development in the real estate sector in the country than any other company. Since the company started operations, it has developed some of the biggest real estate development projects in the county. Most of its projects have been carried out in big cities such as Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador. JHSF was started in 1972 by the father of the current CEO. In fact, Jose Auriemo took became the Chief Executive Officer after he proved to his father that he could manage the company and realize the goals which he had set out to accomplish.

Jose Auriemo started working in the company after he graduated from the university. After joining JHSF, he made sure that he came up with a project that could contribute to the growth of the company. He created parkbem, a parking lot management company that was later incorporated into JHSF projects. The big projects that the company is doing have been achieved through the input of José Auriemo Neto. He is the one who received the first rights to build a shopping mall in Brazil.

JHSF has been involved in commercial as well as residential property. The company has been well in leading the real estate development in the country. The company through their CEO has remained innovative, and it is always coming up with new ways of doing business. It is leading the way by coming up with projects which have not been seen before. The ability of the company to be an industry leader has assisted the company to spread its activities in cities in Brazil as well as other places outside the country.

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Shiraz Boghani’s Love For Hospitality

Shiraz Boghani’s Role in Sussex Healthcare Facility

Shiraz Boghani has performed roles beyond standard to make sure that the patients are subjected to effective care that they deserve. Besides, he is a pioneering co-founder of the Sussex Healthcare facility. In regards, he has put in place mechanisms that ensure that patients are overseen by a passionate staff as well as board members who regularly check the facility to examine the patients. In particular, Shiraz Boghani has gone an extra mile to donate millions from his pool into the facility to advance on the services that the facility provides. Also, he is always at peace to support the facility that values peace, happiness, and support for the families. He has a sound guiding principle that always put the patients at the center of facilities activities through proper treatment plans and care packages to meet their deemed prerequisites.

Shiraz Boghani’s Role at Splendid Hospitality

Being the chairman of Splendid Hospitality, Shiraz Boghani’s most celebrated role is to pursue management roles of the company at large. Splendid Hospitality Group LLP is the first company that Shiraz Boghani developed in the year 1986 which have currently been diversified to some hotels in the broader UK.

Awards Shiraz Boghani Received

While performing management roles at Splendid Hospitality Group, Shiraz Boghani was lately thrilled at the Asian Business Awards 2016 when he was bestowed the “Hotelier” of the year award. This award was seemingly essential and respected as it involved high-profiled figures such as journalist Amit Roy, the constituent managing editor of the AGM Kalpesh R Solanki as well as the executive editor known as Shailesh R Solanki, Yorkshire Member of Parliament by the name Rishi Sunak among other iconic figures. This award based much on the acknowledgment of practical leadership skills as well as preparedness to perform beyond the expectation of the company.

Shiraz Boghani’s Education’s Life

He is an accredited holder of the Chartered Accountant certificate. Upon leaving Kenya to the UK in the year 1969, he also enrolled in training as an accountant.

Lori Senecal’s educational and career background

Lori Senecal is a business lady that has impacted the business world with her young creative mind. She has a degree in bachelor of commerce in marketing and finance which she got when she graduated from McGill University.

Lori Senecal has successfully led some companies that are globally renowned in the economic world. She has been in the top leadership committees ( such as the CEO and President and Chief Innovation Officer) in companies such as MDC Partner Network, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners LLC, McCann Worldgroup, Flagship New York Office of McCann-Erickson Worldwide, Inc, and so many more companies.

Lori Senecal Steps down as CEO of CP+B

Lori served as Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s global Chief Executive Officer for two years. It was during her leadership that CP&B started advertising for the American Airlines, a position formerly held by TM Advertising. Chuck Porter reported that the leadership change would be completed at the end of that year, 2017, after Lori Senecal’s retirement. For more details visit Bloomberg.

The preparation of the next leadership team to take over after Lori Senecal’s departure happened with the installation of Danielle Aldrich as the president of CP+B West. Senecal stated that the ten top most leadership positions are occupied with hardworking business people who are always eager to see things working out for the best of CP+B. She explained that Danielle’s installation would mold her to become a more innovative mind.

Senecal’s Secret of success as a successful entrepreneur.

Lori Senecal’s inspiration to join the advertising industry come about while she was still in high school and a gymnastics coach. It was in this position that she developed leadership skills such as good interactions skills, sound plans and goals development, and consistency. She was also prepared to become a lady of compassion and excellence which are primary traits that are needed to become successful; in the advertising industry.

Lori Senecal attributes her success to her mentors who have molded her in the industry and have encouraged to become more than they are. She also recognizes her parents who have played a significant role to see her through. She further reveals that she has developed traits that enable her to focus clearly and make sound decisions.


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Avaaz Is An Organization By The People For The People Of The World

Avaaz is an organization that was founded in 2007, which acts as a voice that helps to organize people from all over the world with the goal of creating the world people really want. Avaaz works to empower individuals through an action-based collective that focuses on reducing corruption, poverty, and the blocks that keep people from coming together. The campaign communicates its message in many different languages and lobbies governments, funds media campaigns, and puts together email campaigns that expose people to the way that individuals all over the world see things.

Avaaz is using modern technology and the internet to bring people together. It doesn’t have to rely on outdated methods that rely on specific budgets for specific topics but, instead, has a worldwide team that works on the kinds of issues that people care about in the regions they live in. The online community that Avaaz has built is able to bring attention to certain issues and happenings as they take place, and this means that the organization is able to take immediate action on matters that will help people as soon as possible.

Instead of running on an agenda of its own making, Avaaz relies on the ideas, priorities, and issues that its members deal with in their daily lives. The organization alerts its member base through emails, and its nimbleness allows it to respond and help people as the need arises. There is no clear agenda set by the staff at Avaaz, because the agenda is decided by the thousands upon thousands of individuals that make up its membership. Instead of forcing its members to take part in every campaign it puts together, Avaaz allows its members to decide which issues they want to be a part of. This is a new way of doing things, and Avaaz is happy to be a part of something that will hopefully make the world a better place.


Why OSI Food Solutions is a Global Leader in Food Processing

The OSI Food Solutions is perhaps the largest brand in the food processing industry. It is a branch of OSI Group, a company that was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant in Aurora Illinois. The turning point of OSI Group was during the establishment of McDonald’s franchise in the middle of the 20th century. OSI became the leading supplier of fresh meat to McDonald’s franchise, thereby growing in production and global presence.

Though it was founded as a small butcher shop, the company currently operates in over 17 countries and is a leading food processor. OSI Group has merged with various international food companies making it a dominant figure in the industry. In America, for instance, the company which runs OSI Food Solutions is listed in the country’s top 100 companies. But its appearance in the list raises no doubt since the business generates over 6.1 billion US dollars in annual sales. It is also a reputable provider of quality products, with quality services from more than 20,000 workers spread across the company’s worldwide branches. Apart from being in the top 100 companies’ in America, according to Forbes, OSI Group ranks 58 on the list of America’s largest private companies.

The success of the food processing company has not been in the US alone but globally. Most countries recognize the company as a leader in the provision of safe and quality products. For instance, the British Safety Council awarded the UK branch of the entity the Globe of Honor 2016. The prestigious award recognizes organizations dedicated to environmental management. With this award, OSI Food Solutions UK joined 18 companies globally who are honorees of the award. However, 2016 wasn’t the first year the company was receiving the award – it also won the award in 2013 and 2015. This proves the company’s commitment to managing the environment through their productions.

OSI Food Solutions has had landmark mergers. One recent merger was the deal with Flagship Europe. The acquisition was in line with the company’s mission to expand its poultry business in the global market. OSI President David McDonald said the acquisition would build a broader presence for the company in Europe. With these developments, OSI is projected to continue exploring the international market and maintaining its position as a leading food processor.

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Tony Petrello and his Acts of Giving Back to the Society

Tony Petrello heads Nabors Industries Limited as its President. The firm has its roots in Hamilton, Bermuda. It was formed in 1968 and has become a market leader over the years. It deals with geothermal and natural gas. It has global recognition. It has been involved in energy-related activities in various parts of the world such as the United States, Middle East, and Africa. Tony Petrello’s leadership has been instrumental in the growth of the firm. He acquired his higher education from Harvard University and Yale University. He got his first job as a managing partner in the Baker and McKenzie Law Firm where he worked for five years. He became the Chief Operating of Nabors Industries in 1991.

Due to his exemplary leadership skills, he rose up the ranks to become the president of the firm. He has also served as the Chairman of the organization for more than five years. He serves Texas Children Hospital as its Director. Under Tony Petrello’s leadership, Nabors Industries has diversified its activities to ensure a constant level of income. He is a philanthropist. He is passionate about helping children born with neurological disorders. One of his most notable contributions is the $5 million donation to Texas Children’s Hospital to fund a research facility. He also promised to make an additional $2 million donations for the completion of the project. The facility is expected to offer world-class medical services to children with neurological conditions.

The facility is expected to hire highly qualified medical practitioners. Tony Petrello was involved in organizing a fundraising event for the Texas Children Hospital that collected more than $500 million. Due to his daughter’s medical condition, he has developed a passion for helping other children to grow and live a healthy life. According to him, the number of specialists in neurology are very few as compared to the number needed to serve the patients. He hopes that a cure would be found for various neurological conditions. Tony Petrello has been invited to various forums to create more awareness on how parents could identify the signs of neurological disorders in their children and seek medical help early enough.

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Robert Ivy Joins The Prestigious League Of Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

This year, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters selected Robert Ivy for the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The architect becomes the first in his industry to win the coveted award which is usually given to artists from Mississippi who have incredible works of art or have expressed enormous support for creativity. He was awarded together with Andrew Young, a stained-glass designer on 2nd June at an event held at the institution. The two join a list of eminent personalities who have won the award in the past like writer Shelby Foote and renowned actor Morgan Freeman.

Robert Ivy has made immense contributions to the architectural industry over the years. As the vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), he has grown the institution to global ranks and increased its membership to the highest levels. Speaking on behalf of the organization, AIA’s president Carl Elefante expressed his delight with Ivy. He said that Ivy was a worthy proponent of the architectural profession.

Before joining the AIA, Robert Ivy worked as the editor in chief of an architectural journal called the Architectural Journal published by McGraw Hill. He succeeded in making the journal the most widely read architectural journal in the world. Ivy also led McGraw Hill in their growth and expansion in China and the Middle East. The Architectural Record received several awards under his leadership including 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards and the National Magazine Award for National Excellence.

Nancy LaForge, the president of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, said that Robert Ivy deserved the award. She pointed out that as an international speaker and author, he had played significant role in making architecture obtainable to the public. Ivy is the author of the Fay Jones biography which is currently in its third edition.

Robert Ivy attended the Sewanee: the University of the South where he studied English and Biology. He also has a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University. Ivy has received other honors like the Dean’s Medal from Arkansas University. The National Architecture Body also named him Master Architect in 2010.

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