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Ricardo Tosto Disintegrates The Law Of The Repatriation Of Assets

Also known as the repatriation of assets, the 13,254 law is a precept that paves the way for the viability of technical exchanges in between lawyers in Brazil in addition to foreign lawyers. This law connects Brazilians and other foreign countries to connect in a manner that allows Brazilians to be transparent with each other.

Expounding on the Law

For Ricardo Tosto, the head cheerleader of Tosto Barros, this is a constructive partnership alongside a joint effort to initiate documentation as well as actions necessary to showcase the resources of Brazilians.

Gama Supports Tosto

Tosto, a partner of the prominent Nelson William Advogados and his associates supports this law. With Gama their partner, they are convinced that the law opens resources to bridge the gap between national in addition to foreign lawyers. Gama further states that this is a technical partnership that facilitates repatriation and allows Brazil to evaluate all undocumented assets that belong to Brazilians. He goes on to state that the law will allow foreign lawyers to have a professional relationship with lawyers from Brazil with the specific intention of establishing the source of these assets.

Further, into the law, the project of repatriation is said to have experienced tremendous trajectory before it was amended. In the long run, it was approved after a series of income tax evaluation processes.Currently, the law has been implemented and officials are delving into its valuation citing that it is going to grow Brazil’s economy in numerous ways. Following various discussions regarding law, the parliament presented a proposal that implemented a reduction in tax rate.

Who is Ricardo Tosto?

Ricardo Tosto is an expert in law. The Expert Brazilian attorney has been in the industry for more than five years. Over those years, he has carefully studied law and its use in different communities. Furthermore, he applies the wealth of knowledge he has to empower people in the areas of banking contracts, reorganization, reviews of acquisition and bankruptcy.

The Conclusion

Moreover, Tosto has been nominated as a leading lawyer in Brazil. The Commercial Litigation accorded him this award based on his ability to incorporate law in businesses.

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Vijay Eswaran: Why Fear Is a Perfect Ingredient for Growth

Vijay Eswaran is one of the individuals who will never let your life go astray due to lack of relevant wisdom and knowledge. He passionately considers putting down his personal experiences and valuable insights using stories and philosophies. He is the best teacher and advocate for life management. Many people live as if life is permanent. They, therefore, forget to focus on managing their lives and live recklessly as if they have the whole years to live. Life management is a key aspect to consider deeply just like Vijay Eswaran puts it.

In a book on the three ways in which fear propels one into success, Vijay Eswaran seriously addresses fear in one of the most thrilling ways. Some think that fear is negative but Vijay has all the reasons to shift your pattern of thinking and embrace fear as one of the ingredients for success. He begins by identifying fear as one of the things that overcome most people. No one is free from such encounter and that is why it is crucial to address it. Some are consumed by fears greatly while others choose to embrace the fears that later enable them to meet their dreams. When one is consumed by fears, they become very susceptible to living a worthless life full of despair and guilt while if fear is embraced one come out stronger and energized as well as with some experience that they can impact on others. It is possible to be paralyzed by fear and it is possible to be strengthened by the same fear. The bottom line is how it is embraced.

Key things about fear from this book are that it brings excitement in disguise. It all requires one to shift their pattern of focus and see the excitement in it. Secondly, fear leaves one energized. Sometimes transitions are one of the contributors of fear but once the move is taken, it brings up a fresh and renewed move in the body. Finally, Vijay Eswaran highlight that fear is an ingredient for growth. It motivates one to rise from the point of the comfort zone to a point higher than where they have been. In conclusion, when fear is embraced through courage and willingness, growth is evident.

Meet OSI Food Solutions, A Premier Worldwide Food Provider

For over 100 years, OSI Food Solutions has been offering its customers globally quality services. It has been partnering with most of the global leading food service and various retail brands so as to produce the real delight of their customers. Over the years, it has been improving its infrastructure and financial resources in efforts of meeting needs of its customers. If you are looking for a company that can provide you with fresh products integrated with innovative ways so as to turn your ideas into a success.

OSI Food Solutions has been offering custom food solutions precisely made from your specifications, exceptional skills, unassailable safety, quality practices, and commitment to sustainability among others. The company has been operating and serving its customers under some core values like integrity, continuous improvement, exploring innovative solutions, seeking partnership relationship, teamwork and doing what is fit for all its clients. These values have made the company maintain the lead in the production of value-added and protein-rich items.

Operating from Aurora in Illinois, OSI Group received one of the most prestigious awards, Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council in 2016 for their excellent management of various environmental risks. The event was held at Drapers’ Hall in London. Throughout their acquisitions and in all their business, they have shown a high level of environmental management in all their businesses. It is worth noting that, environmental issues have become just as important and crucial as the health and safety issues. The environmental Manager of OSI branch in Europe, Kelly Grimwood received the award from the CEO of British Safety Council, Mike Robinson.

OSI Group has made various acquisitions in most part of the globe including Tyson Foods Plant which is based in Chicago acquired in 2016 which posed a very a convenient place near to its own facilities. The excitement of acquiring this plant was expressed by Kevin Scott who is the Senior Executive Vice President of OSI in North America. In enhancing its operations in Europe, the Group acquired Flagship Europe which was rebranded Creative Foods Europe in early 2018. Prior to acquiring Flagship, it had acquired Calder Foods which is still based in the UK.

The President and the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, David McDonald expressed his satisfaction with acquiring Tyson Foods in leveraging their operations. The company also launched into Spain with OSI Food Solutions Spain, Toledo Spain facility which has a production capacity 45,000 pounds of beef, chicken, and pork. In the Philippines, the company has GenOSI and Baho Food in Europe.

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The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Looks To Protect The DACA Program

Over the course of the time in The White House of President Donald Trump much has been made of the DREAMers programs which were set for renewal every two years but has so far been blocked by the Trump Administration during its latest renewal period. The Frontera Fund of Larkin & Lacey has been a vocal supporter of DACA, the act responsible for creating the DRFEAMers program which the fund believes has done little but add to the U.S. economy.


One of the main aims of The Frontera Fund is to educate the general public about the true facts about DACA instead of the myths and half-truths told by many conservative commentators and Web sites. DACA was originally created to provide protection for those under the age of 31 who were brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents as minors; as these children had no choice in making their way to the U.S. illegally the U.S. Government decided to provide some form of protection from deportation for those who applied and met certain criteria.


The Frontera Fund reports around 95 percent of the DREAMers taking part in the program are either employed or in some form of education providing a boost to the U.S. economy in terms of paying taxes and playing a role in the consumer economy. The Frontera Fund is the humanitarian group established by Michael Lacey and James Larkin following their controversial, unlawful arrest by right-wing Sheriff Joe Arpaio resulting in a major compensation claim against the Sheriff and his Maricopa County office. Ever since the election of President Donald Trump, The Frontera Fund has been working to ensure news of the policies of the Administration has been brought to the public when it concerns the border states with Mexico.


One of the major pieces of news reported by The Frontera Fund is the fact the Attorney General of Texas has threatened legal action against the Trump Administration should DACA be renewed for a further two years. In total, Attorney Generals and Governors from nine traditionally GOP-controlled states signed the letter threatening legal action should DREAMers have their protections extended for two more years.


As one of the leading humanitarian groups working in the border states of the U.S., The Frontera Fund has been bringing together members of DREAMer communities with activists and experts who are now working together to try and extend DACA into the future. Those who are already part of the DACA program can seek to extend their stay in the U.S. but those looking to take part in the program for the first time are currently barred from applying.

Susan McGalla Flexes Skills with Pittsburgh Steelers

Susan McGalla is doing a lot for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has revamped this entire clothing line, and fans are pleased with what she has presented. This is another monumental step in her career in the world of clothing and consulting.

When it comes to marketing a brand and building a reputation for products that people recognize Susan Mcgalla has been called on on numerous occasions. She has a marketing degree, and her experience speaks volumes when it comes to establishing brands and getting consumers to patronize products and services for companies that she has helped.

Susan has shown herself to be a strong female entrepreneur and business leader that knows how to play up to her strengths. She realizes that consulting is something that she is good in. She also knows a lot about various clothing lines. All of these things make it much easier for Susan to build a brand that people can relate to. This is why she has been called up on over the years.

Companies are looking for a chance to change directions and build a better relationship with customers can depend on Susan McGalla. She has done this before, and she continues to do this successfully for various companies that she works with. Right now her role with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the creative director of strategic planning allows her to flex her marketing skills. The new clothing line that was launched is the mark of Susan McGalla and her keen eye on fashion.

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Why Organizations Like End Citizens United Are Needed In Today’s Political Climate

In 2010, according to many, the Supreme Court made a terrible decision when they ruled in favor of Citizens United and opened up doors for corporations to purchase elections. Since the decision was handed down, Americans have been seeing the long term affects of the decision, watching the political process evolve in the process.

The good news is: many organizations have popped up to fight against the decision. One of these organizations in End Citizens United, and they are working to remove politicians who make use of these new election laws. End Citizens United, or ECU, supports democratic candidates that choose not to accept large amounts of money for corporations. Over the past few years, End Citizens United has seen great progress in their goals. Paul Ryan, one of the primary targets of End Citizens United recently announced that he will step down from his Senate seat. Other Republican politics, like Ted Cruz, will probably be unseated in the upcoming midterm election.

The ruling itself stems from an anti-Hillary group in 2008 wishing to show a feature length anti-Hillary campaign ad. When the Federal Election Committee requested that Citizens United, the anti-Hillary group, shared who funded and developed the film, Citizens United refused. At the time, refusing to disclose who created a political ad was against the law.

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The results of the ruling were made apparent right away. People realized that now they can donate large amounts of money without revealing their identity, opening up the possibility for people to privately back controversial issues.

The ruling clearly favored the Republican Party, who are known to have ties with billionaires like the Koch brothers and Betsy DeVos according to These billionaires were able to secretly support political ads that would have previously caused them negative press.

One instance of the Citizens United ruling ruining our election process was during the 2010 midterm election. Karl Rove, the former adviser of President Bush, was able to nearly instantaneously raise millions of dollars in order to support Republican Senators during election season. This was one of the reasons Obama’s second term became a stale mate between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch.


Global Investment Firm Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a comprehensive financial services firm that was founded in the year 1998. The firm specializes in helping both individual and institutional investors manage their assets. Over the course of its history, the firm has specialized in managing assets such as real estate and private equity securities for investors. Today, the firm works with over 1700 clients throughout the world. With numerous office locations all over the world, Fortress Investment Group has been able to establish itself as a leading financial services firm in the industry. What has made this firm among the most reputable is its solid leadership and services. With this combination, Fortress Investment Group has been able to meet the needs of many clients and help them more efficiently manage their capital on a regular basis.

When working with its clients, Fortress Investment Group aims to emphasize investment performance. The firm takes pride in ensuring that clients invest in assets that will grow and consistently generate high returns. It is this approach that has enabled the firm to become trusted with many top investors throughout the world.

The firm has over 900 professionals who are highly trained, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping investors get the most out of their investment activities. These professionals are also highly specialized as they provide things such as specific industry knowledge as well as experience in a particular field such as private equity.

One of the core competencies of Fortress Investment is its emphasis on asset based investing. The firm has professionals who will assist investors by investing in a broad range of financial assets. With each professional, clients will have someone who will oversee investment options and make recommendations based on pricing, ownership financing as well as provide general management. As a result, investors will be in position to ensure steady returns and positive cash flow on a regular basis.

Another thing that sets this firm apart from others is its industry knowledge. The firm has professionals who have lots of experience and knowledge of a particular industry. For example, a professional will be very well versed in real estate business and will therefore be able to help investors make sound decisions when it comes to managing these types of assets. Professionals will also be in position to provide advice on certain industries such as mining, healthcare and technology.

Like all other organizations, this firm has individuals who make up its leadership. The firm is organized with a Management Committee where a trio of individuals who oversee and manage the entire firm. These individuals include the co founder and co Chief Executive Officer Wes Edens, the co founder and principal Randal Nardone and the principal and co chief executive officer Peter Briger. Each of these three individuals bring their own unique talents and expertise to the firm. The three combine their expertise in things such as credit management, law, client acquisition and financial services firm administrationWith their experience and expertise, Fortress Investment Group has been able to grow and expand on a steady basis during its two decades of existence.

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How Sheldon Lavin found a home in the Food Industry after a successful career in banking

Over the last decade, Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, a premier supplier of value-added food products has spent much of his time helping the organization to venture into the international food market. Currently, OSI Group has food processing facilities in more than seventeen countries. Their recent acquisition of Baho Food and Flagship Europe has enabled them to set camp in the expansive European market. Sheldon Lavin hopes to revolutionize food production and processing by introducing products that meet the needs of modern consumers.

Sheldon Lavin joined the American meat processor approximately four decades ago after a successful career in the banking sector. Sheldon ran a financial consultancy firm that helped food processing companies to access expansion capital from lenders. He then became the Chief Executive officer at OSI Industries and never looked back.

Upon joining OSI Industries, Sheldon introduced a unique management style that enabled the company to grow within a short time. He also introduced reforms to cater for the employees’ welfare. Currently, OSI employs about 20,000 employees in all their 65 processing facilities. It is one of the companies with low employee turnover. Sheldon attributes this to the family-oriented culture that he cultivated when he joined OSI in the late 1970s.

Sheldon Lavin marked his entry into the food industry in 1970 when his financial consultancy firm worked with OSI Industries by organizing financing for the meat processor. In the next five years, Sheldon became more involved in the affairs of OSI Industries when the company was seeking to expand to foreign territories.

As a result, Sons of Otto, who were the executives at the company, tapped Sheldon’s experience to help the company embark on a global expansion program. They partnered with Sheldon who eventually became the CEO of the company after the retirement of Otto Kolschowsky.

During the early years, Sheldon came up with a plan that enabled OSI Industries to establish processing facilities in North America and Europe. In the years that followed, OSI Group continued to expand to Australia, Philipines, Japan, China and South Africa. Currently, OSI Group is the major supplier of value-added proteins to some of the major food outlets such as the McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut and many more. Besides expanding and making profits, OSI Industries under the leadership of Sheldon

Lavin participates in many charity projects. Sheldon is a philanthropist who is actively involved in the activities of various charities such as Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald House of Charities, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund among others.

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Randal Nardone: Self-Made Man Who Helps Others To Become Self-Made

Randal Nardone can be described in one word: self-made.

Being a self-made is very impressive. It is impressive if one becomes a self-made millionaire, but it is even more impressive when one becomes a self-made billionaire. Most people think that to obtain a great fortune, you have to attend college. Although this is true for someone, it isn’t true for everyone, and it certainly wasn’t true for Randal Nardone.

Sure, Nardone attended college.

He graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelors Degree in Science, but that isn’t where his road to becoming a billionaire begins. Science didn’t make Nardone wealthy; investing did. Nardone has 53 million shares that are worth a whopping $1.8 billion. He has been in investments most of his life and isn’t showing any signs of leaving the business any time soon. Randal Nardone believes so heavily in investing that he and two colleagues started their own investing firm, Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Inv. Group Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone

The three gentlemen, Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman started their business with prior knowledge of the the investing world. This is because each of the men had previously worked for other big name companies, such as USB and Lehman Brothers. The men worked passionately on their company, and it grew very quickly. Within the first five years, the three men had multiplied their $400 million investment nearly 10 times!

This was quite impressive for a start-up company.

Nardone, Edens, and Kauffman’s profits continued to multiply in the years going forward. However, what is the one reason that many people invest? To have the funds that will allow them to live the lives of their dreams. Kauffman kept this in mind, and when the time was nearing for him to step down as co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, he announced his retirement and was replaced by Peter Briger.

Kauffman is now living out his dream of driving race cars.

He has even invested money into a few racing teams, including his own. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger remember why the company was started, however: to introduce to the world an alternative investment strategy. With this in mind, the three continue to go strong with Fortress Investment Group and continue to take the company to new heights.

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