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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Feminism In The Operating Room Is A Good Thing

Plastic surgery can seem biased for many reasons. For one over 90 percent of cosmetic surgery patients are women. Altogether there are over 8,000 plastic surgeons in the United States. However, less than 1,000 of them are women. Only 10 percent of those women are members of the highly ranked professional organization known. Dr. Walden knows that she is setting a trend for women who are looking to become plastic surgeons. However, she understands that she has to work very hard to prove herself as a woman in the field. Close to 10 years of schooling to become a surgeon can seem like an eternity for a woman wanting to start a family.

Not to mention for years, the culture of plastic surgery wasn’t very welcoming to women. To be a successful female plastic surgeon in this time takes perseverance, self-confidence, and strength. That’s where Dr. Jennifer Walden comes in. She has eight years of experience in the field and loves the ability to help women achieve the results they seek. Dr. Walden grew up in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden continued her career in that area for some time before deciding to move back to Austin, Texas. She specializes in many cosmetic procedures including eyelid lifts, rhinoplasties, facelifts, liposuction, and Botox.

Dr. Walden believes that even though women are seeking cosmetic enhancements to their bodies, they are not trying to have the same frame as every other woman. They are not trying to achieve the male stereotype Barbie -Doll physique. She makes a good point as many women seek cosmetic surgery to remove sagging skin, or to enhance deflated breasts. That is one reason that Dr. Walden proves that female surgeons can relate better to female patients. As a woman, it can be awkward showing a male surgeon how deflated the breast have become as a result of breastfeeding.

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The Chainsmokers Are Reflecting the Views of Modern Youth in Their Newest Single “Sick Boy”

The Chainsmokers are newcomers into the EDM scene. That statement seems surprising. I mean, after all, they have had a few handfuls of top 40 hits already. Roses, Kanye, #Selfie, Closer, Something Just Like This, Paris, and of course, Don’t Let Me Down, were all massive hits for the duo. But, the truth is, the band has only been on the scene for a few years. With crazy success like this coming so early, it’s astonishing that the duo has already begun to be pigeonholed by critics. Well, that was until the release of their newest single “Sick Boy”.

See, the Chainsmokers have been producing poppy hits into the mainstream world while making some bangers in the dance club simultaneously. The trend, however, has been that all of these songs were, at least mildly, happy songs. “Sick Boy” smashes that ideology into pieces. The newest single is dark, mellow, violent, and angry. This new sound for the band is a bit surprising in some ways (such as it is still impressive that they have the range to produce this content) and not in other ways. The Chainsmokers, love them or hate them, have always been a reflection of modern youth in America.

#Selfie was the hit for a generation. It described a phenomenon so well that it was a vivid reminder of the current trends int he worlds around us. Sick Boy follows that same trend, except now, the genre has taken a turn for a darker more depressing outlook. See, many people were unaware that Taggart helped Logic write “1-800-274-8255” the massively popular song about being on the verge of suicide that upswing into a peaceful song. Taggart and Pall are taking their anger out with this new darker tone, and it seems to be winning fans over.

The world is changing. Social media is redefining attitudes, views, and outlooks of the world drastically. People are starting to feel those effects and lash out in real verifiable ways. Sick Boy is a reflection of this anger and confusion. Of course, Sick Boy also has deep EDM tones that please the ears backdropping it.

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Master Architect and Artist Robert Ivy, Receives the Noel Polk Award

American Institute of Architects’ Chief Executive Officer and Executive Duties President Robert Ivy has become the first architect to be awarded by (MIAL) Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Ivy is a Fellow of American Institute of Architects (FAIA). The Award is handled by the MIAL, honoring art patrons and artists connected to Mississippi, and whose works over time has created, performed or extraordinarily supported art. Notable among the list of individuals who have received the honor are Morgan Freeman in the year 2007, Shelby Foote- a writer (2004), Walter Anderson and Eudora Welty- a writer. The real ceremony will be held on June 2, 2018.

MIAl president Nancy LaForge acknowledged the amazing way with which Ivy has made architecture accessible to Mississippi’s general public. Robert Ivy is a practicing architect, author, commentator, and editor of architecture issues worldwide. He was appointed AIA CEO in 2011, taking the Institute through extensive efforts globally and an all-time membership high. He has ensured that the seven global chapters of AIA are functioning well in helping American architects in their global practices. This includes new chapters in China and Canada.

Robert Ivy attended Sewanee: The University of the South for a B.A in English graduating cum laude. He later went to Tulane University for his Masters in Architecture. He worked as the Architectural Record magazine’s editor in chief and later became the editorial director of McGraw Hill Construction Media. He was part of the great expansive growth of the McGraw-Hill in China and the Middle East, especially when he developed the Mandarin Architectural Record.

His works at Architectural Record got him a lot of awards such as Ozzies, Folio Design Awards, and Jesse H. Neal Awards among others. He was voted “Master Architect” by Alpha Rho Chi, a national architect fraternity, for his efforts in emphasizing and passing out the significance of design in architecture. Robert Ivy became one of the seven people to be named Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi in the 100 years it has been operational.

Robert Ivy’s 2001 biography, “Fay Jones: Architect is an authoritative publication which is currently in its 3rd edition.

The book is a display case of Fay Jones works which are characterized by unmatched standards of design, scholarly work, and invention. In 2017, Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas honored Robert Ivy with the Dean’s medal.

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How Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are Leading InnovaCare to Success in the Healthcare Sector.

InnovaCare is a top-class healthcare corporation based in the United States. The company specializes in Medicare Advantage Programs, physician services, and Medicaid. Since opening its doors to the public, InnovaCare Health has continuously offered exceptional healthcare services through the creation of sustainable and profitable models that are combined with cutting-edge technology.


The corporation also operates in Puerto Rico through sister companies MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. InnovaCare has grown over the years and now has a membership record of about 200,000 people who are attended by over 7,000 health workers. InnovaCare also works hand in hand with the Puerto Rican Government Medicaid plan to provide a harmonized care plan for their citizens.


Dr. Richard Shinto popularly known as Rick Shinto is the chief executive officer and president of InnovaCare. Rick has been in the clinical healthcare sector for over two decades. Before his arrival at InnovaCare, he was the CEO of AVETA Inc. for four years. Before that, Dr. Shinto was the chief marketing officer at NAMM. Apart from his busy schedule as a medical practitioner, Rick writes and publishes articles on clinical medicine and healthcare. Rick Shinto is a graduate of California University, State University of New York, and Redlands University. It is from these universities that he acquired his degrees in Science, Medicine, and an MBA respectively.


Due to his contribution and services to the healthcare sector, Rick Shinto received the Access to Caring award during the Tribute to the Caring celebrations. He was recognized due to his delivery of healthcare services to the poor. Rick Shinto success story at InnovaCare cannot be complete without mentioning Penelope Kokkinides.


Penelope Kokkinides serves as the chief administration officer at InnovaCare. Before taking charge of the position, she was the vice president of clinical operations as well as the chief operating officer. Penelope has over the years gained helpful experience in matters Medicare and Medicaid. She also has the experience in the management of healthcare operations as well as the development of clinical programs.


Before joining InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides worked for Centerlight HealthCare where she served as an executive vice president as well as the chief operating officer. Her main tasks involved directing the institution as well as managing health care strategic operations. Penelope Kokkinides holds a degree in classical languages and biological sciences and a master’s degree in substance abuse and alcohol from Binghamton University and the University of Colombia respectively.


Whitney Wolfe, Paving The Way For Women Entrepreneurs

Whitney Wolfe, Paving the Way for Women Entrepreneurs

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble, the only dating app where women make the first move, and co-founder of the dating app Tinder. The daughter of property developer Michael Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in the year 1989. She attended Southern Methodist University and focused her education in International Studies. In her time she founded Bumble, the dating app gave women more power than most other dating websites. The twenty-nine-year-old married the entrepreneur Michael Herd in Italy.

In an interview with Vanity Fair at their second annual Founders Fair Summit, the founder of Bumble shared her thoughts about modern women in society. She states that traditionally it is believed that power resides with men and that it is the norm for women to act dis-empowered. She, however, strongly disagrees with this ideology and claimed that the societal conditioning of thought to believe that there only exists a single seat at the power table to be a big lie.

Whitney Wolfe is thrilled by all the women going out of their means to help her create more of these seats at the power table. The co-founder of Tinder shares her fair share of the obstacles faced by women in the modern business and development world. She left Tinder to start her own matchmaking company four years ago. Since then she and her company have been dragged into several lawsuits aimed at making her success path less smooth. She, however, remains hopeful that more good will come.

Whitney Wolfe told Vogue magazine that Bumble bases on the ideology of changing the dating industry. In 2016 this twenty million subscribed app company launched the Bumble BFF, a front for making platonic friends from all over the world. Furthermore, the dating app is bringing women to professional networking with the launch of Bumble Bizz late last year. Empowering women comes naturally to the entrepreneur. This is particularly so because of her long-term experience as a woman in dominant elective positions. The idea of Bumble Bizz was in play long before it got officiated and the heads of the management of the app saw it wise to give the general public what they wanted. The renowned businesswoman claimed to have founded Bumble to simplify the dynamics involved in the interactions between men and women. She is proud, so far, her ideologies and wishful thinking are becoming a reality.

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Talkspace: The New Kind Of Therapy

Talkspace is a new therapy application on the market place that allows patients to have therapy at their fingertips via text. It is a new way of helping people deal with personal and chronic problems, but don’t like heading into an office to share them in the open. You may be a couple in need of some analyzing on a relationship and this application could solve all of your problems. To talk to a therapist over a smartphone or even your desktop is revolutionary.

Talkspace exactly is a platform that brings together individuals, couples and a licensed therapist all working to solve a problem. No matter where you are located, your therapist is on-hand to chat. Their response time is remarkable and patients never feel alone or ignored. No matter what time of day it is it seems as if the therapist are on call. All online conversations are private and held in strict confidence. The platform is affordable costing a low $59 a week to $239 for a month. It all depends on how many sessions you need.

When you sign up, your primary therapist will attempt to match you with a therapist that suits your concerns. You can receive as many as three therapists at once and decide which one is best. Talkspace is certainly for those hesitant to go in an office and share their problems. It’s designed to give you the confidence to express and share you mental health problems with a licensed therapist who is qualified in the industry. Talkspace is definitely leading the market. This innovative tool gives those who suffer from a mental illness or simply want help in a relationship a new option when it comes to seeking therapy. It’s low cost sessions will attract patients who also can’t afford the traditional therapy session.

End Citizens United Is Currently Endorsing Midterm Candidates

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been working hard to bring attention to the issue of big money controlling decisions made in congress. The ECU organization seeks to assist candidates who will aim to end the Citizens United decision and reform the campaign financing system. They raise grassroots donations for the candidates they support. The 2018 midterms has ECU and many democrats in a frenzy to run in the election and hopefully take more control of congress.

The latest goal of the ECU is to bring down a list of politicians they’ve nicknamed the Big Money 20. The Big Money 20 are a select group of politicians who are practically drowning in special interest money. They’re controlled by those big donors to such a degree that there is little reality in expecting them to vote and function for the people of this nation. This isn’t acceptable in a republic style government where the creed was government by the people for the people. End Citizens United has named the Big Money 20 openly on their website. This way voters can see who are the worst of the worst and vote for candidates who are truly for the people.

To reach their goal of taking back Congress they have needed to amp up their efforts to endorse candidates. This effort has been going fairly smoothly since a good number of people are interested in running without big money involvement due to more public awareness on the detrimental effect having big money in politics has caused to the government in the United States. Some of the recent candidates that ECU has endorsed for the 2018 midterms include ten new reformers. The candidates include: Mel Hall from Indiana, Aftab Pureval and Theresa Gasper from Ohio, Richard Ojeda from West Virginia, Archie Parnell from South Carolina, and Elaine Luria from Virginia. The four from Illinois are Brad Schneider, Sean Casten, Betsy Londrigan, and Lauren Underwood.

The End Citizens United president Tiffany Muller has happily pointed out the current amount raised so far by the political action committee for the upcoming midterms is an impressive $4 million. President Tiffany Muller has announced that her team has projected the full amount they will raise for the 2018 midterms may be as much as $35 million by the time of the elections.

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Bruno Fagali: Driving Transparency And Integrity In Brazil’s Judiciary Overview

Bruno Fagali has become a household name in Brazil and is soon taking waves to other countries. Bruno is a renowned solicitor at Fagali law firm that was mainly created to offer differentiated legal services to persons who are different and seek to be treated as such.

Education background
Bruno Fagali’s alma mater includes both the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and the University of Sao Paulo where he did his undergraduate in Administrative Law and Masters in Progress in State Law respectively. Besides, he is multilingual with mastery in; English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Bruno has also shown interest in; Public, Parliamentary, Compliance, Regulatory, Advertising and anti-corruption law among others through the many locus standi he has been in charge of.

Career Journey
Over the years, Bruno Fagali has notably climbed the ladder in the corporate world. His character of self-motivation, passion in what he does, ability to deliver and self-drive have put him in the limelight. As a junior advocate, Bruno had to work with quite a number of law firms such as Tojal, Radi, and Ramires just to mention a few.

Bruno Fagali wears so many hats. For example, he was part of the team that won Pro Ethics Award for two consecutive years 2016 and 2017, making Gerente de Integridade Corporativa Company the only company in the entire communication industry to receive the most important and official compliance honor. In addition, Bruno Fagali has been on the forefront in fighting anti-corruption menace in Brazil through his numerous contributions in cleaning the Brazilian public contract. He does this by driving both transparency and integrity campaigns across Brazil. He strongly believes and looks forward to a transparent judicial system in Brazil.

Final Note
Currently, Bruno Fagali is spearheading a meeting whereby him together with other members from the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones (TSE) are discussing and coordinating specialist with the aim of creating forms and tools to be used during the 2018 general elections in Brazil. Bruno Fagali is indeed adding a new dimension to the legal system of Brazil.

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