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How Do Texas Tax Rates Compare to Other States?

The State of Texas has a good reputation for being a low-tax state, but some are questioning this fact. There are many different types of local and state taxes, which can make comparisons difficult. Were tax rates and banking innovations discussed at the November 2016 Texas Banker Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference?

Texas Tax Rates

Texas has the reputation for being a business-friendly, low-tax state – Dallas was voted as the #1 city for businesses in 2015. One of the challenges is that there are many applicable taxes. Here is an attempt to make it more clear about how Texas taxes compare to other states.

There are local taxes and state taxes. State taxes can also be broken down into sales, income and property tax rates. Therefore, Dallas might have one of the lowest city tax rates in the country, but how does Texas compare?

In 2013, even Texas legislators admitted that the state was a low tax state sometimes. First of all, as of 2017, three states had “No” sales taxes: New Hampshire, Montana and Oregon. The Texas sales tax rate was 8.19% for 2017, which was #12 in the nation.

Over the years, the Texas tax rates have been rising, but other states have increased them much faster. The “effective total state and local tax rates on median US households” ranks Texas in the middle of the pack (#30) at 11.12% for 2017. The lowest tax states, using this measurement were Alaska, Delaware and Montana.

Diverse Financial Loans

Relatively low tax rates are beneficial to banks. NexBank CEO John Holt discussed “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation,” at the aforementioned strategy conference.

Texas still has a very favorable tax rate compared to the largest states. The NexBank diverse financial product mix profits from this business-friendly atmosphere.


Establishment of Ubuntu Education Fund with Andrew Rolfe

Through the union of Andrew Rolfe and Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala that is located in London, they were able to raise over £603,000 in an event which was meant to help and support poor children in Africa. Furthermore, the approximate amount which they were supposed to raise was £600,000 but they raised more than they expected. Also, the other reason behind the fund raiser is to enlarge student ability at the Ubuntu Education Fund’s Port Elizabeth campus and developing pediatric clinic which is related to the campus.


More than 400,000 needy people are being supported by the organization resources in Africa. Furthermore, on campus, there is a podium that helps deprived children whereby the make sure they support them with their education and health care. It was formed in the year 1999 mostly dealing with educational gear and also educating them on the precaution of HIV.


Ubuntu Education Fund Gala and Andrew Rolfe charity function they welcomed more than 300 prominent socialites and philanthropist whereby Andrew Rolfe welcomed everyone on behalf of the union and other individuals including Sinesipho Rabidyani were given chances to tell their inspiring stories which captivated the audience hearts. Sinesipho’s story also made the audience to raise and inspiring £33,000.


Lastly, as the ceremony ended the CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund Jacob Lief was able to give his closing remark as he praised the organization for supporting deprived children for 20 years and also funding 2,000 children and he is certain that the organization will always be devoted to development they make.


Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund’s and well serves as the managing director for TowerBook Capital Partners. He got his masters degree from Harvard Business School in the year 1992 and also master’s degree from St. Edmund Hall in Oxford. His main role at TowerBook Capital Partners is providing hospitality and food service and also investment opportunity mostly in the United States and Europe. He held a position in the different organization including J. Jill, Beverages & More and True Religion Apparel, Inc, through his management skills he was able to develop them and became top companies in the world.


Dominate your fantasy football league with Fantasy Football Rankings

The 2017 football season is approaching quickly and it is time to start thinking about your fantasy football draft and putting together fantasy football rankings. The NFL has become a passing league and drafting a solid group of wide receivers can make or break a season. The Fantasy Footballers have provided wide receiver specific fantasy football rankings and blogs to help you predict next seasons top wide receivers. The blog “The Path to WR1 Fantasy Season: Martavis Bryant” by The Fantasy Footballers, provides fantasy football rankings for potential WRs that could have a breakout season. One of these receivers, Martavis Bryant, has shown a steady increases in productivity year after year and is on the verge of becoming a star receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Fantasy Footballers is a great resource to find podcasts, recent news, and fantasy football rankings to help you key in on your 2017 fantasy players.

Marc Sparks – A Spark

It appears that entrepreneur and beloved philanthropist Marc A. Sparks only becomes more of a hit and sensation in his world; as time passes by quickly, he only continues to ascend the popularity ladder and make his place as top entrepreneur in America. This self-made leader is it to win it; his self-made ideas and concepts, books, seminars and other products have launched him to where he is today in leader status – and he, my friend, does not plan on coming down anytime soon, for he claims that he’s just getting started. Marc A. Sparks had a dream, a vision, an idea – one that soon caught a spark and landed him into big time success: It all started back in good ol’ 1975 when he was just a high school senior; his plan for after graduating was to make it into the big leagues and one day become his own renowned boss and CEO – which he is today for Spark Tank, Moments in Need, Dogs Matter, The Samaritan Inn and several others.


This man’s Christ-like motivation only further inspires all wannabe leaders to give it their best shot: Yes, you did read correctly; this man is a servant of God who is on fire for Jesus Christ, and that alone is what makes all the difference in his life – as he states more than once. He has found his true life’s calling and passion and now knows what he wants to live for, giving it all he’s got and mentoring future leaders and entrepreneurs all along the way. He has come far in his quest, and he thus believes the following: If someone as originally flawed and imperfect as him could reach such a high calling and status in this life, then so can anyone else; in fact, let me be more specific – so can you. Learn more:


A passion and a love for God are what Marc would agree are his two main driving forces; they certainly help to get him out of bed each morning, not to mention that irresistible smell of morning coffee that his wife brews as well. Thank you, honey! Marc was born to be a leader though he has not always recognized his calling; in fact, just a few years ago, he really began to take the reins, and he has not stopped for one moment to regret the decision. Marc attests that he didn’t grow up in the richest community, nor was he ever a part of the poorest, in his area: He nonetheless had a true desire to become rich or successful, both of which unexpectedly come to him at an early age. He just wanted to help people. Learn more:


How End Citizens United Hopes to Amend the Constitution

End Citizens United (ECU) is an organization that seeks to provide a financial base for practicing and aspiring politicians. Its aim is to help such leaders raise finances for their campaigns from a clean source. The move is to avert the trend of having the free space occupied by tycoons who use their financial muscles to ride smoothly on democracy at the expense of better leaders whose financial capacity is limited. New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich was today endorsed by ECU in recognition his tireless efforts in sanitizing campaign finance.


Heinrich is known for his fight against the infiltration of excess money in political election campaigns. He is on record working to dignify majority of hardworking citizens whom he represents. According to him, unlimited money in politics is out rightly a form of rigging that instills leaders who don’t have interests of their citizenry at heart. Undisclosed finances are a characteristic of corporate and not democracy. He reiterates that the will of the people cannot be bought with money. He seeks to correct the idea of commercializing democracy by attaching on it a very high price tag beyond the reach of many.


His endorsement in his senatorial re-election bid is in line with the aspiration and objectives of the End Citizens United. This important and timely recognition will not only aid him in raising campaign funds but will also serve to instill civic education about democracy and its principle such as a free and fair election. Promoting financial discipline in politics among contestants is a sure way of enhancing good interplay and competition among candidates. Heinrich aspires to have cooperates banned from funding individual and political parties during election campaigns. The rationale is that cooperates are businesses that will later strike deals with those they financed and recover their money. If corporate financing is avoided, it will rid the political space of corruption.

End Citizens United works by connecting its endorsed contestants it with its members to raise campaign money through small donations. It creates a huge base of many donors to ensure that they can raise amounts of money that are adequate for a win despite the limited contribution. The grass root funding also serves as a campaign tool that not only contributes finances for campaigns but also creates a strong support base. Besides, it exposes corporate funded individuals with special interests once they are elected.


Through this approach, this organization aspires to help elect leaders in the Congress who will instigate campaign finance reforms through legislation and rid the political arena of millions of undisclosed-source and dirty money. The organization is fast growing because in its two years of existence it has registered more than three hundred thousand donors.

Leadership in InnovaCare Health Company

In the year 2016, InnovaCare Health announced three additions to its leadership. Doctor Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer of the Organization. However, for him to achieve the best as a leader, he needed assistance from other qualified individuals who have great experience in the medical career. Jonathan Meyers is one of the people who were placed in the leadership of the organization. He is serving as the Chief Actuary Officer. Before he joined the company, he was the Director of Actuarial Services Medicaid and Medicare for Horizon BCBS. He also had a position in Healthcare Partners in New York as a Chief Actuary which is a Division of Heritage Medical Systems as both the CFO and VP of Managed Care at several times.

Penelope Kokkinides is the other individual who was added to the leadership team of the organization. She was appointed as the Chief Administrative Officer at the company. She has enough experience in a medical career since she has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Someone who has as much experience is in a position to do well as an administrative officer. In her experience, she has specialized in Medicaid and Medicare which gave her a better position to be taken by the company. She also has extensive knowledge as well as expertise in developing clinical programs and managing various processes in health care. She has se4ved in various executive roles and has focused on improving efficiencies as well as organizational infrastructure.

Her experience in the medical field made her qualify for the position she received in InnovaCare, Inc.Mike Sortino was the last person to be appointed by the company. His position was Chief Accounting Officer, and before he joined the company, he was the controller of Samsung Fire as well as Marine Insurance. Before he worked with Samsung, he served as Chief Financial officer for HCC Specialty for five years. He also has more than 20-year experience in ensuring and reinsuring industries and five years in public accounting. The position he was given as the Chief Accounting Officer suits him because he has great experience in accounting.

George Soros Sponsors Ferguson Protests in an Attempt to Prompt Civil Action

At the center of the Ferguson protests, George Soros was the solitary man who stood in the financial gap. He is a successful investor who has managed to establish a huge empire for himself. He has also managed to forge a political machine that is driven by nonprofit foundations impacting American policy and politics. He managed to spur the Ferguson protest movement via mobilizing and funding of groups in the US. It was established that Soros had given around $33 million in just a year to fund the already existing activists groups, which embolden the grassroots and Ferguson on the ground protesters. Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros’s financial tether to these activist groups led to the development of an explosive protest movement. The financial aid from his side has so far managed to transform a single-day event held in Missouri become a 24-hour event. According to the Open Society Foundation’s director of US Programs, Kenneth Zimmerman, their DNA embraces having persons participating in government as it is as important as leading a more democratic, more inclusive and just society. This assists groups in policy combination, data collection and research, which ensures that the community feels and becomes more responsible.

No Links

Despite the fact that numerous groups receive financial backing from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the organization is in no way linked to the protests. The protests are also not carried out on behalf of the Open Society. Mr. Zimmerman distanced the Opens Society Foundation from the recent incidents claiming that they had no power to control or guide others on what they chose to say. Mr. Zimmerman stated that the recent incidents in Cleveland, Ferguson or Staten Island were just spontaneous protests. He cleared the air by stating that these protests were as a result of lack of democratic participation and accountability.

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Ferguson Protests

A number of organizations, which are sponsored by George Soros, helped in mobilizing the Ferguson protests by building coalitions at the grassroots level followed by nationwide social media and online campaigns. Other groups that are also funded by Mr. Soros were involved in remotely monitoring and making reports of anything relating to the incident, which showed conservative misstep and creating academic editorials and research aimed at keeping the story alive on the news media. The organizations funded by Mr. Soros were also seen to feed from each other as they used buzzwords and content developed by different organizations in their respective websites.

About George Soros

George Soros is a renowned philanthropist on the world stage, having donated more than $12 billion in total. He supports organizations and individuals around the world advocating for transparency, freedom of expression, accountable government and institutions that promote both equality and justice. His donations are also focused on groups of people facing discrimination for being who they are. This has seen him fund various groups of sex workers, LGBTI persons and drug users among others. Read this story at about George Soros.

A brief analysis of Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey, son of a construction worker, was raised in Newark, New Jersey. He later left to join the Arizona State University. In 1970, he dropped out and published the inaugural issue, alongside some other students. The issue involved Phoenix New Times and was a response to the media’s coverage of anti-war campus projects. Read more: Mike Lacey | Crunchbase

Mr. Lacey became executive editor of New Times, with Jim Larkin, being his business partner handling the advertising sector. The circulation of the free weekly increased with time as they proceeded to explore various political and social matters. They acquired recognition among the countries growing a list of newspapers that were viewed as an appropriate alternative.

New Times bought Westword, Denver’s weekly arts, and news, in 1983. This resulted in an expansion that would take on a multi million-dollar business with approximately 17 papers from the coast. This included the Village Voice in New York City, Miami New Times, and the LA Weekly.

In 2007, Lacey & Larkin were detained for stating in Phoenix New Times that the subpoenas grand jury aimed at targeting the editors, the writers, as well as the readers of the papers. The order of arrest was given by a popular anti-immigrant sheriff, Joe Arpaio, in Maricopa, Arizona. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

However, the charges were dropped in 24 hours as a result of public outcry. The warrants claimed by the grand jury were deemed as forged, therefore, closing the inquiry made by the grand-jury.

The county of Maricopa gave away $3.75 million so as to settle a lawsuit that had been brought up by Lacey and Larkin concerning the wrongful arrest. This incidence occurred in 2013. The business partners used this money to found the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund during the following year. Their aim was to distribute the proceeds throughout the State of Arizona from the Latin-American settlement groups.

Village Voice Media Holdings, the current company name, developed as a result of its founders’ commitment to the First Amendment. They attained a reputation for their sophistication in the coverage on films, music, local events, foods, and arts, as well as the magazine-style quality writing and investigative reporting.

Larkin and Lacey sold WM in the year 2012. It was bought by a group of executives who managed to sell the prints to approximately nine million readers each month. The online viewers brought in another 56 million per month, thus managing to attain numerous journalism honors. This includes the Pulitzer Prize.

Lori Senecal Outlines how Marketers Can Create Powerful Facebook Ads

Facebook has established itself as the most popular social media platform. As the site grows, companies are increasingly taking advantage of the limitless advertising opportunities and diversity offered to them by Facebook. Research indicates that nearly 90 percent of Facebook users access their accounts via mobile devices. Online marketing guru Lori Senecal asserts that marketers ought to develop a strategic advertising plan that will optimize their sites for mobile use.

Lori points out that advertisers ought to establish what they want to achieve from their KPIs. In the case of Facebook, companies typically seek more page likes, more post shares, and more engagements. To market effectively on the site, advertisers ought to implement an end to end strategy that is effective in the sense that it also integrates post-sale customer care. Small businesses in particular, ought to take advantage of this since they have more flexibility as far as creating a customized strategy is concerned.

Creation of Captivating Content

The core of any marketing campaign should be the creation of captivating content that draws the attention of those who visit a page. To achieve this, marketers ought to use vivid colors, which can help stop fast-scrolling especially on mobile devices. Marketers should similarly aim at matching brand values with the target audience and real people instead of models and filtered images.

Ms. Senecal in Brief

Lori Senecal is among the most notable female corporate executives. She is the current CEO of CP&B, an advertising company. Here, she is tasked with the mandate of overseeing all the operations that the firm undertakes besides helping with the development of its global expansion efforts. Lori has made a name for herself for being a transformative executive in the digital and creative market.

During her illustrious career, Lori has had the opportunity to work for renowned marketing companies. Lori is also an innovators and the brains behind TAG Ideation, a marketing unit that targets young adults. Nonetheless, she won hearts while working at McCann where she was the president. During her stint, the company was recognized among the most outstanding digital agencies besides being named among the best companies to work for in New York.

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Wine Guides Bring Napa Valley To Your Home

Napa Valley is the crowned jewel of wines in the US. People come from all around to visit the rolling acres of vineyards and to sample the country’s finest wine. Yet, the region itself is so incredibly beautiful and serene, it is often difficult take time to venture out to see much else besides the main attraction: wine. There is so much else to see and explore. On your next trip to Napa Valley, here are a few other spots that are worth a look:

Silverado Cooking School: Learn trade secrets and master recipes of Napa Valley’s top chefs
Napa Art Walk: Admire the gigantic 3D sculptures
Napa Valley Historical Society: Take a step back in time and see what Napa Valley looked like 100 years ago
Climb Mt. St Helena and explore Robert Louis Stevenson State Park

Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides are able to take the time to explore other parts of Napa Valley because the wines of Napa Valley are always in their homes. Traveling Vineyard is an incredible idea that launched in 2001. Wine enthusiasts adore the wines of Napa Valley, but how often can one person travel there to taste and purchase? For that reason, Wine Guides offer in-home tasting parties that feature Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive collection of Napa Valley wines. These tastings are absolutely free. Many Wine Guides pair a wine tasting with a tasting of another kind, such as cheese or olive oil. Guests have a fantastic time tasting, learning and enjoying the expertise of the Wine Guide. At the end of the evening, guests simply choose which wine they may like to purchase and Traveling Vineyard supplies it to them through the Wine Guide. What a great gig for any wine lover!

Traveling Vineyard has been noted as a highly successful business model that allows their wine guides to have unlimited income potential while setting their own hours in the convenience of their own home. The company’s social media presence is continually abuzz with testimonials of how well Wine Guides are performing in their roles.