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How Social Media Can Help Your Online Reputation Management

How your company engages with customers on social media can greatly affect your online reputation. Today, many smart companies are using social media as an extension of their customer service department. With so many consumers wanting to interact with brands via social media it is easy to see how this should be a part of your online reputation management strategy.

There are three main areas that social media can help you manage your reputation online. Master these and you will be in an advantageous position to handle any customer issue that arises.

  1. Credibility In The Marketplace

How your brand behaves online will go a long way to determine how your customers view your business. Many companies have been savaged by social media users after posting an insensitive or poorly timed Tweet or Facebook post.

You also need to address any negative social media post bout your company. Do not argue, instead, try to find a solution to the problem. Continually search for mentions of your company on all social media platforms. Engage with all customers who are talking about you.

  1. Tell Your Story

Online reputation management is not just about putting out fires, you must also use it to get your story out. Telling your story not only helps shape the perception of your company, but it also gives you an opportunity to create real engagement with your customers.

  1. Supplement Your Online Marketing Strategy

Social media should be a significant part of your online marketing strategy. When it comes to your marketing, social media is a cost-effective way to promote your business and find out what your customers really want from you.

Use social media to effectively listen to your customers. What are they saying about your products or service? BY trying out different marketing messages on social media you can easily see which ones resonate more.

Online reputation management can be time-consuming but by using social media you can quickly determine what is being said about your company and respond accordingly. Used wisely, social media can become a valuable tool for your business.


Finding A Way to Give Back

When a person is truly successful, they are successful in all areas of their lives. This includes educational, professional, and family life. Anthony “Tony” Petrello is an example of a man who has been successful in all aspects of his life.

Tony Petrello started out his adult life by attending Yale University. There he earned both a B.S. and an M.S. in Mathematics. After graduating, Tony went on to Harvard Law School. He graduated two years later and went to work for Baker & McKenzie. Tony worked there for 13 years and even served as a managing partner.

In 1991, Tony Petrello went to work for Nabors Industries, Ltd. Nabors Industries was founded in 1968 and is an oil, natural gas, and geothermal drilling company. Tony has been the CEO since 2011. While he has been very successful with his work with Nabors Industries, it is his work with the Texas Children’s Hospital that has been very impressive.

The Texas Children’s Hospital is home to the Jan & Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The Neurological Research Institute studies neurological disorders. Tony Petrello and his wife work very closely with the research institute and are devoted to finding a cure. This cause is very close to their family.

Their daughter was born early at 24 weeks weighing just over one pound. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has some developmental delays. With the work being done at the Texas Children’s Hospital, their daughter has made huge advances.

Tony Petrello and his wife work very closely with and are huge donors to the Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony is also a member of the board and he and his wife are doing everything they can to help find a cure.

Tony Petrello has worked very hard in his adult life. He has been very successful in his professional life. Outside of his work life, Tony and his family are giving back in a big way. They are doing everything they can for the Texas Children’s Hospital and are dedicated to their cause.


Martin Lustgarten’s Investment Banking Profile Continues to Shine

Investments banks are financial institutions that assist corporates, governments, and private investors to raise capital. They do this by acting as underwriters when stocks and bonds are issued and aid them in implementing larger transactions. Investment banks also help corporations, governments, and private investors in implementing mergers and acquisition through the facilitation of trading spin-offs, equities or bonds. Investment banks have an equity research department that provides information needed to make examinations and determinations. This information is given to the management of businesses, organizations, and governments to help them make investment decisions.

Martin Lustgarten’s Dependability as an Investment Banker

If you have a business or organization and you are dipping your hand in the area of investment banking for the very first time, you need an expert that is dependable. Even if you want to expand your portfolio, it is essential to get information that will enhance your portfolio. One of the best person in the field to confer with is Martin Lustgarten. He is an investment banker who has provided assistance to an innumerable number of clients, and this has enabled them to raise funds for diverse projects. Martin Lustgarten has a very innovative approach to financing and investment banking, and this has proved to be extremely advantageous to multitudinous clients. This has also ensured that he is earned his position as a distinguished and respected investment banker globally. His investment banking firm is acknowledged as one of the leading investment advisory firms.

A Leader in Investment Banking

Martin is based in Florida and was a citizen of Austria and Venezuela. He is a very strong believer in international investments, and this has seen him make major investments in numerous countries. This gives him the advantage of limiting his risks but also gives him the advantage due to local growth. He is an expert at watching every market to take prompt action if a market is about to experience a downturn. He has an exceptional ability to detect oncoming trends. This gives him an edge and enables him to make favorable decisions for his investments as well as the investments of his clients. Any investor looking for the ideal role model will find that Martin fits this role perfectly.

Avi Weisfogel; About his Career and Passion

Avi took a bachelors’ degree in Psychology and Biology, after which he went on to pursue another bachelors in dentistry. He felt an urge to pioneer a ‘GoFund Me’ page for a hilarious organization; Charity-Operation Smile, which touches his heart. He excites in supporting Dr. William Magee and the wife, who started the work in 1982 with the aim of putting a smile on a child’s face.

With research showing the increased dangers related to sleep apnea, Dr. Avi could not watch while people suffered similar conditions. He has significant knowledge concerning sleep disorders and so it makes his treatment efforts even easier. At Dental Sleep Masters they are committed to treat victims diagnosed with sleep apnea. Sadly, most people suffering from the condition never get diagnosed. It eventually leads to the surfacing of such grimproblems like stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

What Dental Sleep Masters Does to Help Victims

The firm has a model meant for use by the physicians. These are certified specialists and they also have labs from which they do their research. The model is aimed at providing improved care for their patients and also augmenting the medical community through increasing opportunities.

Surprisingly, the victims of sleep apnea have been discovered to have issues relating to their oral system. It is for this reason that the dentists have joined with sleep specialists so as to offer solutions to the prevailing issues. Dentists are likely to realize a solution for sleep apnea from their domain. In this case the power of pooling together has to be effected for supreme results to be achieved.


Although he trained as a dentist, Dr. Avi started exploring on sleep disorders while managing his dental care facility which he managed for over 15 years. He researched on how they could collaborate with physicians to provide treatment for sleep apnea. He has all along been doing a lot to help him discover how he could be of help to the community, and thankfully he is getting there from the look of things. For Avi, he has to set apart time to be with his family and puppy.

Nationwide Title Clearing Allows Online Ordering

Title clearing is an essential service for everyone who is purchasing a home, and sellers may do the same when they believe they have a title that has not been cleared. Nationwide Title Clearing ensures a business or individual has a report on the title, and they will seek out the physical copy of the title. This article explains how anyone using the service may order online at once.


#1: Title Ordering Is Simple


Customers may order titles any time they like, and the online orders as for quite a lot of information. The title reports include all the information listed, and they help the company do their work properly. Every title order may be completed in moments, and the titles are sent with the report. The reports are sent with every piece of information attached to the order, and they use the orders to ensure proper reports are written. Everyone who wishes to change their title will find everything they need to know.


#2: The Finest Title Reports


Title reports will change each title, and every one is changed to the name that must be listed. Names on titles are often unchanged after a death or transfer, and the titles sit incorrect in the county records office. Nationwide Title Clearing checks the paper copies of the titles, and they read them to ensure the titles list the proper names, and they make requests of the records office to ensure the titles are change.


#3: How Long Does A Title Order Last?


Title orders are completed quite quickly, and they have supporting documentation that helps the owner or the seller understand what it is they are selling. The titles must read correctly before a sale may be completed, and the sales must include the titles. Lawyers cannot move on with closing on the loan if they do not have the documents they are looking for.


#4: Learning From The Title Order


Nationwide Title Clearing learns quite a lot from the title order, and they will send over anything they have on the title they find. they may learn a twisted tale of the title changing hands, and they will find it is much simpler to write the narrative of the title to send to the customer. Every customer is ensured they will learn quite a lot about the title, and they will learn how simple it is to change the names and dates on the title.


Everyone buying or selling a home will learn about the title if they order from Nationwide Title Clearing, and they will avoid any trouble with the sale. The sale is simple to complete once the title is correct, and the titles are found several times a day for customers.

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Choosing A Great Hair Care Company

If you have brittle, dry hair, you’ll want to choose hair products that moisturize and protect hair from damage. For those whose hair tends to be oily, it is a good idea to go with lighter moisturizer. There are hair styling product lines that are specifically designed for permed, damaged, color treated, or relaxed hair; use them if you have hair type that fits the above descriptions.

A woman’s hair is her main beauty weapon, and every woman wants silky, bouncy, lustrous locks. Keep in mind that healthy hair means beautiful hair, so it is important to pay attention to good hair care advice in order to keep your hair glowing and healthy all year round.

Gel is a popular hair styling product. When you want to style your hair into a particular set or shape and have it dry, use them. Gels are efficiently suited to shorter hairstyles, as properly as those meant to have a very precise look. Be absolutely careful with gels that have alcohol in them because they often make the dry. Gel is the right choice if you want a product you can simply apply to the hair, comb through and shape.

WEN by Chaz is a great company in the hair products industry. This reliable company chooses natural ingredients to deliver outstanding results without side effects. Their products are comprised of herbal ingredients, which are effective and safe in addressing the root causes of hair thinning and other hair challenges. The company has a line of top notch hair conditioners, styling treatments and other essential hair care items.

Wen by Chaz Dean ( has an awesome reputation in the hair product lines field and has been catering to numerous customers worldwide. Check Wen by Chaz line of hair product lines and you’ll be delighted. For more hair care tips and information, visit the website or the official Facebook page.



One of the major determinants of the success of an organization is the nature of the employees in terms of skills and competence. Julie Zuckerberg is focused on ensuring that organizations hire only the best. She is a talent acquisition expert who specializes in talent management and acquisition, employee training, conflict resolution, team leadership and other aspects of human resources. She acts as a link between clients and employees whereby she talks to employees about the work requirements, benefits, opportunities and working conditions. She advises the hiring managers on how to make job specifications for the various positions. She has devised recruitment methods such as internet search, direct sourcing, employee referrals and social media in her work.



She is currently the Executive Talent Acqusition Lead and Vice President for Deutsche Bank. She has held this position since 2014. At this position, she gives strategic training and direction to the team of professional recruiters that she manages. She also leads in the development and negotiations for offers on management level positions. Her roles also entail giving leadership advice on hiring governance and best recruitment practices. This ensures that the organization attracts and hires highly talented individuals.



Julie studied a degree in philosophy at the City University of New York – Brooklyn College. After she completed her degree she studied Law at the New York Law School. Her strong education background gave her the skills and professionalism required in her line of work.



Julie began her career at Hudson in 2002 where she worked as the Director of Candidate Placement. At the position she performed employee coaching, counseling and conflict resolution. She also recruited case managers, attorneys, paralegals and staff for various positions at many financial institutions, corporations and legal firms. She worked until 2007 when she left for Citi Global Functions.



At Citi, she worked as vice president and executive recruiter where she offered recruitment services for director and managing director positions for CitiCards and Citi Global. She provided advice on recruitment strategies and negotiated complex job offers for senior level positions. She worked at Citi until 2013 when she joined New York Life Insurance Company. At the company, worked as the senior recruiter and vice president for one year then moved to Deutsche Bank.



During her work, Julie has had an opportunity to work with great mentors who have enabled her to not only develop her career but also develop expertise over the years. With over 10 years’ experience in talent acquisition, she has worked with business leaders in commercial and private sectors. She believes that talent can come from anywhere and therefore sources for candidates globally. Her clients greatly trust her to bring them the best talent and also train the new employees to increase their competitive edge.



Besides work, Julie enjoys running, art and photography. She is also an advocate for human rights, animal welfare, economic empowerment, culture and arts and also civil rights. She participates in charity volunteer events and also organizes employee counseling and coaching. She is also quite social and maintains a few social media pages.