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Eric Pulier: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

In today’s modern society, professional athletes and entertainment celebrities dominate the magazine covers and television talk shows. These individuals are talented at what they do, but many of these famous people doesn’t make a profound impact on society (in-general). On the contrary, people who actually make life better for man-kind doesn’t seem to get any or half as much credit as they should be receiving. Have you ever heard of Eric Pulier? This individual has made a positive impact on society, but many people have never heard of him. Let’s take a closer look at this brilliant minded individual.

Eric Pulier can simply be stated as a “genius.” He’s the very definition of being an unsung hero even though he’s effected many people’s lives for the better. Eric Pulier attended Harvard University and majored in American & English Literature. During his college years he wrote for prestigious The Harvard Crimson and was also it’s editor. Having much more ambition as anyone his age, Pulier also took classes at (MIT). After graduating Magna Cum Laude, his intelligent individual headed for Los Angeles and began his professional career.

In 1991 Pulier founded a company named (PDT) People Doing Things. This company used advanced technology concepts that addressed specific issues in the education and healthcare fields. Pulier’s strong ambition kept him very busy with many tasks and by 1994, he started Digital Evolution Interactive Agency. Being a natural philanthropist at heart, this successful businessman built a social media network for chronically ill children. Starbright World allowed these children to interact (via) chat, blog, and by sharing their personal stories with one another.

By 1997 Eric Pulier had built a solid record for success and he began branching out into other industries. “The Bridge To The 21st Century” was one of his biggest achievements as he was chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to build this exhibit for President Clinton and Al Gores 2nd term inauguration. Who knew this Teaneck, New Jersey native would be of such success at this magnitude. Pulier would go on to create many more companies, raise funds for investments, and accept plenty more prestigious awards throughout the following years.

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Assisted Living Facility The Manse on Marsh Wins Prestigious Award

Assisted living care facilities are some of unsung heroes in society due to their work with those in need to service that many can’t provide readily. That is why one of them has gotten their name in the spotlight this time around.

The Manse on Marsh assisted care facility was recently honored with being a recipient of the Caring Star award, an award that honors service excellence for those assisted living and memory care communities. Consumer ratings and reviews tend to be a major factor in deciding which community will get the award as part of a Senior Care Directory. In order for a community to be considered for such an honor, they would have to have received three consumer rating reviews over the course of one standard year, earn at least one five start review in that time and have no negative reviews in that period that would go unresolved. The Manse not only met these expectations but exceeded them, having several five star reviews for its all time record.

The Manse on Marsh is located in downtown San Luis Obispo, in the Arroyo Grande valley area in California and utilizes an industry-established Assisted Care Living planning system. Some of the services that are provided to the community include efficient medication management, frequent meal reminders and bathing and grooming, all of which are determined through a point system. The point system helps out by ensuring that each individual resident gets the services and assisted that fit their living situation and so that they will only pay for those services and nothing else.

In addition to these services, The Manse also provides good quality amenities such as spacious flats in a hometown setting, private homes, restaurant quality open dining, easy and convenient transportation, social activities for entertainment, maid and laundry services and a nurse on staff to attend to those elderly and sick residents who are of in dire need.

Getting the best of both worlds; Austin Home Girl Jennifer Walden comes home

It is a common believe, especially among women that the prettier one is, the less likely they are to put effort in academics. Whether there is any scientific proof for that hokum is a discussion for another day. There is however one Austin Sweetheart that is turning heads because of her rare combination of beauty, character and brains. Dr. Jennifer Walden was named by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the country.

Jennifer trained as a surgeon before starting her training as a cosmetic surgeon with some of the best surgeons in New York. She then set up a practice that was very successful in Manhattan before she moved back to her hometown and settled here. She happens to be the only woman that has ever served in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery a member of the board. She is currently still part of the board. She is quite popular with the media as she has been appearing on a number of outlets and discussing matters plastic surgery.

Other aspects of her life are also in order, for instance, she has two kids who she adores and siblings that are also successful in their own fields. She states that her source of daily inspiration is her mother. There is the common misconception that when women climb the ladder of corporate success, they become cold and unaffectionate. Well, this is not the case with Jennifer. Jennifer Walden is the warmest and most charming soul that you have ever met. People that interact with her at the office without knowing she is the boss receive the shock of their lives when they later learn that she is.

The fact that she runs busy schedule every day does not mean that she will be rushed when interacting with people. Also, being a surgeon and needing to be in control of the OR does not make her harsh. She states that she has gotten to where she is because she ignored the stereotypes and worked as hard as she could to get there.

She was born in Austin and spent most of her childhood in the Northwest Hills area. Her late Dad was a dentist and her mother a surgical nurse. She had four siblings and was lucky to grow up in a household where academic achievement was valued. The most inspiring bit of her story is that she decided on in-vitro fertilization and got her babies in 2010. She moved back to her hometown to have her children close to her family. This woman is a classic case of beauty with brains.

Cone Marshall: a Trusted Leader in New Zealand’s Trusts and Tax Laws

Established in 1999, Cone Marshall is one of the leading law firms in New Zealand. It specializes in cases involving real estates and taxes. This legal practice also offers consultancy services to its clients both locally and internationally. Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are responsible for the day-to-day management of Cone Marshall. These partners are quite experienced and maintain the highest level of integrity while working on their cases. Integrity and transparency at Cone Marshall have enabled the firm to stay at the top of the list of the most reputable companies in New Zealand.


Cone Marshall’s leadership


Cone Marshall has succeeded because of its organizational structure. Karen has immense work experience, and before joining the company in 2005, she had worked for a decade in commercial litigation. Upon joining the firm, it only took her one year before she was promoted to the position of managing partner. Geoffrey, on the other hand, has been handling tax laws since the 80s. He is also skilled in international tax planning and knows how to deal with international cases. Other upcoming lawyers ought to look up to Geoffrey; this is because his work experience is exemplary. The leadership at Cone Marshall has restructured the firm such that, delivery of services is almost instant.


A look at New Zealand’s foreign trusts


Foreign trusts have been in the spotlight due to their association with tax heavens. Responding to a feature on foreign trusts that was trending on the main newspapers and social media, Geoffrey Marshall made it clear that New Zealand is not a tax haven and it will never be one. According to Geoffrey, tax havens are characterized by levying taxes at low rates hence lack transparency. Countries that are tax havens tend to withhold information making trading with other governments difficult. New Zealand was listed among the top countries that exercise transparency according to 2002 OECD Model of Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters. This success is attributed to how New Zealand deals with foreign trusts. Following of protocols laid down by Mullen in 2006 has enabled this country to practice transparency.


The firm’s workforce


Cone Marshall has approximately 15 employees who are skilled in dealing with cases involving tax laws and international trusts. Cone Marshall’s workforce consists of attorneys and family advisors who work to achieve the firm’s mission. Incorporation of lawyers and accountants in handling cases allows the company to excel in service provision.

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The Evolution of Lip Balm

Dry lips? Chapped lips? People of all ages have fell victim to these discomforts at one time or another. Most of us reach out to the mundane tube of Chapstick for some relief. It’s just what we did, until Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky teamed up and took the lip balm industry to an entirely new level with Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS lip balm.

EOS lip balm is trendy, organic and still provides relief for those chapped lips. No more cylinder shaped tubes because EOS comes in fun colored orbs. No more original or cherry flavor because EOS is available on eBay in fun flavors like grapefruit and honeydew. Also see,

Mehra, Teller, and Dubitsky haven’t revealed too much about their company and how it all began because, as Mehra mentioned, they were more concerned with delivering a quality product to consumers. The opportunity to revamp the lip balm industry introduced itself when the men considered how the lip balm industry currently operated.

After considerable research, they discovered that women, the priority consumer of lip balm, were not entirely satisfied with the products currently on the market. The product had to be fun, useful, and be a product that women turned to for years to come. After some careful deliberation, they decided that the product should appeal to all five senses. Everything from the feel of the packaging to the taste of the balm was taken into account.

While EOS is everywhere we turn, from celebrities to students in a classroom, the company continues to look for new ways to stay current and innovative. Mehra and Teller associate their success to their experience and knowledge of how the big corporations work. Visit the website:






Fabletics Is Riding High In The Athleisure Wear Market

Fabletics athleisure wear has enjoyed huge success in the last three years. Since the creation of the company, co-founder Kate Hudson has been under the microscope regarding the way that the business is promoted and run. This is largely due to the fact that Kate is a superstar in Hollywood and when you transition from being a world known actress to running a giant apparel company many individuals will be wondering how you will handle the transition. Obviously, Kate is taking Fabletics seriously. She has been a solid spokesperson and has shown that she is a seasoned business professional with the drive and ambition to take the company to the next level.

The athleisure craze has blown up to massive proportions and Fabletics has been riding the top of the wave. They are one of the pioneers of the everyday athletic wear trend on AdWeek that has taken the country by storm. Women of all ages can be seen wearing their products for their everyday clothing needs. It is common to see people all over wearing these fashions. They combine function, comfort, and style.

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Fabletics is a clothing subscription service that is a branch of the famous JustFab company. They offer a boutique of clothing monthly to their subscribers. Upon signing up, customers are asked about style preference and based on the answers to the questions the in-house design team will offer a collection of clothing every month. The customer can pick an item in exchange for their $40 subscription fee. The customer can choose to skip a month if they wish by logging into their account and selecting that option. There is no charge for skipping a month.

Fabletics also offers other clothing options on YouTube such as evening wear that is made of the same super comfortable materials that the athletic wear is made out of. They offer a full collection of swimwear as well. Fabletics customers can have comfort and style no matter what time of day or where they will be going.

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Creating Awareness for Sleep Apnea-Dr Avil Weisfogel

In the recent years, sleep disorder has been affecting people largely. The medical experts have noticed the effects of sleep apnea and conducted research. A Recent study has shown a relationship between the disorder sleep apnea and diseases such as diabetes, stroke as well as cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the President and the founder of Dental Sleep Master, has conducted new studies to treat and manage sleep disorders.

In the study carried out by Dr. Avi Weisfogel was meant to know the causes and the treatment of sleep apnea, this because many of those suffering from the disorder go undiagnosed. Dr. Avi has a dedicated team that is out to create awareness of the disorder and its seriousness to the world. Dental Sleep Master has generated a new exemplary for both primary and secondary care physician that is also inclusive of the skilled sleep disorder physicians as well as the labs they operate. The model, the organization, has formed is aimed to improve the care are being given as well as increasing the opportunity in the medical facilities.

Dental Sleep Master have joined the general physicians as well as the care physicians together with the dentist to offer support to the patients suffering from the sleep apnea disorder. It is believed that dentists can work to diagnose and treat sleep apnea to their patients. Medical experts are developing a new treatment for the disorder treatment known as THN Therapy which was designed by ImThera Medical and Food and Drug Administration approved it for a clinical trial.

The incorporation between the dentist and general physicians is critical for the creation of the treatment and the care of sleep apnea patients. Dr. Avil’s program is out to find lasting solutions which will benefit the world.

Dr. Avil Weisfogel is the establisher of Dental Sleep Master, started his career as a dentist in 1999 when he founded Old Bridge Dental Care. Avi has managed his dental business for over 15 years. His experience has seen him get recognition from the community including the title of the Best dentist for many years. He is a BA holder IN Biology and Psychology from the Rutgers University, and he is also DDS graduate from the New York University Dentist College.

His passion for humanity led him to explore the world and study about sleep disorder to help with diagnosis and the treatment of sleep apnea. In 2014 he founded Dental Sleep Master which has its headquarters in New Jersey South Orange. When Dr. Avil is not treating and diagnosing sleep disorder patient, he is out with his family sporting.

TOWN Residential Moves Fast to Strengthen its Presence in New York

In spite of its high price, the New York real estate offers investors numerous opportunities to excel. Some of the hottest markets in the city for commercial and residential real estate are in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Hudson County. According to most analysts, the secret to successful investing in this market is setting a good plan of action and acting fast. One of the key players in the city’s real estate market is Town Residential. According to an article published by Crain’s New York in September 2013, the real estate brokerage firm established in 2010 unveiled its 10th outpost in the West Village neighborhood of the Meat Packing District. The move was informed by the need to serve the communities that dot the Hudson Yards all the way to Tribeca.


The new establishment leased from Thor Equities covers 7,100sq ft and is based on the second floor. The 15-year deal inked by Town Residential will give the company ample interior and outdoor space to serve clients diligently. The company founder Mr. Andrew Heiberger noted that the strategic location of the firm near the Story-High Park will position the company as a brokerage that specializes in high-end sales. Another company that showed a willingness to join the real estate outfit in the new premises is the boutique brokerage firm called Thomas & Ingram. Prior to moving to the new 446 W. 14th Street premises, the firm had unveiled other high profile offices at 530 LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village and 33 Irving Place east of Union Street.


About TOWN

Town Residential is a privately held real estate brokerage firm based in New York City. According to the company excerpt published on LinkedIn, the company has dedicated its resources in a number of areas, including real estate sales, rentals and new development marketing. Some of the factors that have made the real estate sectors highly lucrative to investors include high spread of income, high population growth in the boroughs and the growth of the healthcare and finance sectors. The New York neighborhoods currently served by TOWN include; Union Square, Midtown West, Flatiron District, Battery Park, East Village and Lower East Side


The other neighborhoods include Midtown East and Tribeca. The company is led by a team of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in the trade. According to the Real Deal Inc website, TOWN Residential is led by Mr. Andrew Heiberger, the Founder, Co-Chairman and CEO. Heiberger’s experienced hands in real estate dealings saw him establish a highly successful rental focused brokerage firm called Citi Habitats, which he later sold to NRT. The other high ranking members in executive team include Jacqueline Pestana, the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Directors, Juliet Clapp and Ari Lefauve.



Marc Sparks: More Than Just A Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is one of the select individuals on the planet who has shown through his relentless perseverance and willingness to acquire new ideologies that a person’s success does not entirely depend on his or her educational attainment.

Growing Up Years

Austin, Texas is a dear place for Marc Sparks, for this is where he was raised and had simultaneously received his high school diploma in 1975 and began to lead and/or create countless numbers of new businesses. Notwithstanding the fact that not all of these initial startups were profitable, more than three decades already passed since then, and those failures made up the whole formula that resulted to the achievements that he is and will be experiencing.

His Companies

Marc Sparks deserved to be called as a serial entrepreneur since his innate brilliance led him to own various companies that remain to do well for years. The first one, the Timber Creek Capital, was established in the year 2000.

This is a private equity firm whose specialty is offering entrepreneurial aid to a wide range of industries. The services that they can deliver include (but are not limited to) web development, graphic design, bookkeeping, office equipment, and marketing.

From Timber Creek Capital’s conception, Marc continued to purchase or build notable firms. Some of the companies that are still under his name up to this day are: Splash Media which specializes in providing marketing services that make use of technological advancements as well as search engine optimized keywords; Cobalt Real Estate Services which offers commercial and residential spaces within the state of Texas; Blue Jays Wireless whose ultimate focus is on giving people with credit card issues the opportunity to call and text others through prepaid devices; and Cardinal Telecom, LLC which distributes mobile phones nationwide.

In addition, a couple of his latest businesses are the Bonn Oir, a manufacturing company that creates artisan vodka, and Uncle Marc Food Delivery that aims to help restaurants bring their consumers’ orders faster.

His Philanthropy

As a self-made entrepreneur, Marc Sparks ensures to share his blessings to the underprivileged, especially in Texas where The Samaritan Inn, a shelter that caters to homeless people, lies. He also helps send individuals who want to change their lives for the better in school, and is humbled whenever the news about the great kind of life they are leading reaches him.

Moreover, Marc Sparks is deeply committed to the Habitat for Humanity and the American Can! Academy. He has personally exerted time and effort in building houses for the former, while giving support to the latter in any way he can. Marc has a foundation as well that is known as Sparky’s Kids, and its role in the community is to provide thousands of computers to impoverished children.

Norka Luque Builds Herself into a Prominent Musical Brand

Norka Luque, the Milagro hit maker, has stayed true to her ambitions of impaction on people by releasing songs that add meaning to their lives. Apart from her gorgeous voice, this Venezuela-born U.S-based singer has a knack for composing and singing beautiful songs full of motivation. The current position of this sweet dreamer is an expression of her passion and hard work. Considering she has held her goals of bringing inspiration to the people’s lives firmly, Norka Luque is destined for greatness.

Why the song Milagro became an instant success

Milagro is a song that combines aspects of Mediterranean culture, Caribbean vocals, and reggae. The song is full of inspirational message, which coupled with Norka’s gorgeous voice, have turned it into an international hit. Immediately after its release, Milagro received massive airplay in major nations such as the United States, Venezuela (her home nation), and Puerto Rico. Milagro debuted as one of widely played and favorite songs in the highly esteemed Latin Music Billboards. The song targets individuals who are overwhelmed with challenges. Through Milagro, Norka demonstrates to his fans the importance of working towards overcoming a personal crisis instead of just giving up. The Milagro is a production of the Emilio Estefan-led group of talented producers and composition by Pena, Giraldo, and Gaitan. Norka has promoted the song globally by performing at leading clubs, festivals, and sharing it on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Norka’s advice to fellow musicians

Norka believes that artists are responsible for inspiring their fans using their songs or art. She advises musicians to try to build a strong connection with their fans rather than focusing on releasing clubbing songs. She believes the society evolves concurrently with music. She advises artists to desist from corrupting the message they send to their fans even with the introduction of new genres, music styles, and rhythms. In other words, Norka says that societal values should remain the same, even with the launch of new music genres.

Norka is an outcome of several situations that have made her take life more seriously. These situations have made her realize that her destiny is music, the tool through which she can transmit love to her fans. She has a new song called “Tomorrowland,” which is doing well in both the U.S. and Venezuela. When not busy composing amazing songs, Norka loves to exercise and spend time with her family and friends. She is a prominent figure on Facebook where she regularly updates her followers about her upcoming gigs.