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Combining Fashion and Technology with Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch recognizes that the technology industry and fashion industry are experiencing some changes. He also acknowledges that the two industries grow together. He believes that technology becomes fashionable and at the same time fashion becomes technologically fashionable. Christopher Burch is the founder and chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. This is one of his most successful ventures. Christopher Burch was born on 28th March 195 in New York, New York.

Christopher Burch has experience of more than 40 years in entrepreneurship and investments. He has played a big role in the rise and development of several luxury brands such as Faena Hotel + Universe as well as Voss Water, Jawbone, and the famous Poppin. His entrepreneurship prowess began when he was still in college. He attended Ithaca College and during this time, he and his brother invested $2000 in establishing Eagle’s Eye apparel. This is a company that later grew to a $165 million company.

According to Christopher Burch, the best way to tell what lies between technology and fashion in the future is a tale that can only be told by looking into the present, the future and the past. We can begin this by showing how technology and fashion have progressed over time. In the 1970’s, a lot of excitement was brought by the boom box. This was the time where the two cassette decks allowed people to play music on one side and record on the other side. As time went by and 1980’s came by, the Walkman brought about music experience like no other. Today, the IPod has changed music experience. Looking at this scenarios shows us how technology advances with what people consider to be fashionable.

For a fashion designer, they can only create what they think will deliver. They can only achieve this by using technology to make predictions. Anouk Wipprecht is a fashion designer who compares technology with a playing field where the experience deepens as you get to experience technology more. Wearing helmet is not fashionable. Fashion has helped solve this puzzle by coming up with air bags that deploy in case of an accident. This is because of the combination of fashion and technology. Ashawin Rajan and Kevin Cannon have created Frontline Gloves. These a grooves that can be used for communication as the firefighters can pass valuable information amongst them by the use of hand gestures. Fashion has gone a step further by creating fabulous fashions from recycled materials. For instance, there are Jackets and T-Shirts that have been created using inner tubes of bicycles that have been recycled.

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DEVCO Developing New Projects

A payment on a $20 million loan given by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to the Middlesex County Improvement Authority to build the Heldrich, the new News Brunswick hotel and conference center developed by the New Brunswick Development Corporation(Devco), has not been made. There is no plan in place for these payments to be caught up.

Officials with the New Brunswick Development Corporation continue to blame low occupancy rates, according to an article originally published in The Press of Atlantic City. They say that they have been able to pay the primary loan providers on schedule and give them about five percent in interest.

DEVCO has now achieved additional funding for other construction projects including the one that they are currently constructing at Rutgers University. Loans for this project will be paid for from student dorm room fees. Honor students will live in the dorm along with professors and academic deans. This project also involved the redevelopment of College Avenue. So far, DEVCO has signed seven tenants for this project including Starbucks Coffee, Honeygrow, Bella’s Burger Shack, RU Hungry, House of Cupcakes, Jersey Mike’s Subs and Krispy Pizza.

Ground has also been broken on the Stockton College campus in Atlantic City. By fall 2017, it is hoped that this project will be completed. Once done, the campus should allow 1,700 students and faculty to attend school and work here.

Some question the legality of DEVCO getting public funding because of the bill signed into law by Governor Christy that says state agencies cannot give loans to groups that have defaulted on state-issued loans and bonds.






Ex-Hawks Owners Sues Insurance Co.

The former ownership group of the NBA franchise The Atlanta Hawks, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE), is suing the New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract concerning a claims settlement made by Danny Ferry, the basketball team’s ex-general manager. Controlling partner Bruce Levenson is also part of the suit. For those unfamiliar with Levenson, fret not.
Levenson is also an American businessman and philanthropist. He was also once the Hawks’ Governor on the NBA Board of Governors. He first held the position in 2004.
Additionally, he co-founded the UCG (United Communications Group in 1977. He was a founding board member. He is currently on the Board of Directors for the publicly traded IT industry media company named TechTarget. See,

The civil lawsuit, filed on September 13 in the Superior Court of Fulton County against the insurance company better known as AIG, concerns “insurance bad faith” and “breach of contract”. AHBE claims their policy covered them for specific losses concerning employment practices, including, such things as “Workplace Torts” and “Wrongful Termination”. Court documents reveal that AHBE notified AIG April 2, 2015 that Ferry thought they were covered.

The AHBE and Ferry reportedly came to a buyout agreement on June 22, 2015. The specific amount was undisclosed and confidential. This lawsuit does note that the confidential limits of liability of the policy are enough to handle the claim made by ABHE.

According to PR News, the lawsuit also says that the insurance company, AIG, would not acknowledge the claim was made. They also would not acknowledge the policy had been initiated. The suit also claims “breach of contract” because AIG did not pay to cover the losses in the buyout settlement. Last but not least, AHBE’s lawsuit is also seeking a penalty of 50 percent of the specific unpaid loss as well as attorney’s costs and fees.


Town Residential Continues Rapid Growth

One of the most competitive real estate markets in the entire world is the market in New York City. Due to significant professional opportunities, international investors, and those seeking luxury properties, the real estate market always seems to thrive even during economic downturns. Due to the continued demand for real estate in New York City, and the allure of working and living in the city, it can be incredibly competitive for real state broker’s and other professionals. While it can be incredibly difficult to build market share, one local real estate firm has continued to grow even though they are less than 10 years old.


Town Residential is a local real estate firm that has continued to grow and develop. The company started as a small brokerage firm in 2010, but quickly grew to have over a dozen offices located across the city. Town Residential’s growth is directly correlated to the quality services that they have provided to their clients. The primary service that the company has provided to its clients are leasing and brokerage services. The company has partnered with a number of top real estate developers and property owners to help ensure that they sell new developed units as quickly as possible and at the highest property sales price.


While Town Residential is known for their effectiveness in the brokerage field, they are also known for their market knowledge. The company employs a team of people that are focused on ensuring that the company has the most current and accurate market information. This information is regularly shared with clients and we sure they make the most informed and profitable business decisions. The company also provides a regular newsletter that discusses trends in the industry and upcoming projects. This newsletter is read by thousands of professionals and investors across the world.


While the company started as just a residential real estate service provider in New York City, but company has continued to expand its services and offerings. Over the past few years, the company has opened an office in Miami Florida. In this office they provide similar brokerage, sales, leasing and management services. The company is also looking to expand into other 20 real estate markets across the country, including those in California and Texas. The company would also like to expand its new commercial real estate business, which provides a variety of similar services to commercial real estate developers and property owners.