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Totally Free AdWords Evaluations From The Experts On AdWords, White Shark Media

Who is White Shark Media and what do they do? White Shark Media is one of Google’s special SMB Partners that specializes in AdWords marketing. Most of their clients are small to midsized businesses and they even have a reseller program for clients who refer White Shark Media Review to other customers.

White Shark Media helps clients by rebuilding AdWords campaigns with more effective elements, and offering other SEM services and even their Triton website. To get an overview of how their services work, White Shark Media now offers a no-obligation free Adwords evaluation.

This evaluation is simple to sign up for, all you have to do is go to the White Shark Media Review evaluation page and fill in the contact form. A White Shark Media team member will meet with you on GoToMeeting, and through a shared screen will go over your AdWords campaigns to show you how they can make them more effective.

They will not change anything on your ad campaigns during the evaluation process, but will explain what they would do to them, and you decide whether or not you want to hire White Shark Media.

White Shark Media’s goal is to serve their clients’ needs by offering solutions to complaints or concerns, and several concerns have been addressed since the company’s early days. One concern from clients was over AdWords campaigns that were changed and yielded results that were not satisfactory.

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White Shark Media wants to make sure that clients can discuss issues like that with their specialists, and they now have a team of consultants who take note of the client’s activities all the way from signup to being assigned a contact person.

That way they can give the contact person any pertinent information about the client’s needs. Monthly review meetings are scheduled through GoToMeeting so that clients can review their AdWords performance and go over any new strategies the contact person might suggest. White Shark Media has also added 24/7 available phone lines so clients can speak with the contact person at any time.

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White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

For Venezuelans, It’s Mangoes and Misrule

In Venezuela, the drop in oil prices has led to joblessness, inflation, and shortages of just about everything. And there doesn’t seem to be an end to it.
Now, as the crisis drags on, Venezuelans are venting their frustrations. About 400 people attacked and looted businesses in the town of Cumana. Security forces had to step in and as reported on Facebook that 20 shops were damaged. But legislator Milagros Paz said that there was one fatality and 27 injured in the disturbance, and more than 100 shops bore the brunt of the anger.

“It was all very confusing,” Paz said. “There were simultaneous lootings in different parts of Cumana”

Last week, at least 10 similar incidents occurred across the country, including in Caracas, where demonstrators blocked a major highway. They chanted, “We want food, not mangoes.” Flour, milk, and other foodstuffs have been in such short supply that Venezuelans have resorted to eating mangoes off the trees.

The government blames the shortages on the U.S. But many Venezuelans like Osio think President Maduro’s handling of the crisis is highly political. The ruling socialist party has been given the job of distributing food, making many fear that if they don’t support the party, they won’t be fed. That’s only fueling the skyrocketing discontent with Maduro’s government.

So things in Venezuela may very well get worse before they get better.

GoFundMe for Operation Smile, Sponsored by Avi Weisfogel DDS

In early March 2016, Avi Weisfogel sponsored a GoFundMe campaign of $2000 to benefit the non-profit organization Operation Smile. This organization offers medical and surgical procedures to children in need all around the world. They also specialize in offering young adults corrective surgery for cleft palate and other facial deformities, services they would not receive otherwise.

Avi Weisfogel is a specialist in dental related sleep disorders, and spends a good majority of his time training professionals all around the United States in proper treatment of Sleep Apnea and its diagnosis. He has been an advocate of raising the awareness of sleep disorders in both children and adults.

Operation Smile spoke to him on a personal level, with his background in charity and his value of children and their health. Avi truly believes that each child should be able to receive professional care. So, he set out to raise some money for Operation Smile and further their cause.

Operation smile was founded by Bill and Kathy Magee in 1982 and began with providing services to the Philippines. It has evolved from a small non-profit into a global network of thousands of volunteers. Today, they have provided more than 220,000 free procedures worldwide to children and young adults. They also dedicate a good portion of their foundation to properly training medical professionals in areas that need them most. They provide that training and education in an effort to make sure each rural area can provide the services needed in their local communities.

Luciana Lossio Is The Best New Judge For The Job

Luciana Lossio is the best new judge for the job of running the electoral court in Brazil, and she is someone who is going to help people get to the bottom of the cases that they bring to the court. The court has to hear every case that has to do with elections, and she is the perfect person to work with because she is moderate and wise. She is a young woman who can lead the court for a long time, and she will be able to help shape the new kind of Brazil that is needed. The country wants to emerge, but it cannot emerge without help.

The courts have to be much better if Brazil wants to be taken seriously, and that is why women like Luciana Lossio are rising to the top. She is a young lawyer who has already worked in the courts, and she knows how they work. The best thing that people can do is bring their cases to the court, and they can allow Luciana Lossio to handle it. She will make sure that all the right people are in office, and she will show the people how a case can be resolved. She does not want things to be any harder, and she will make sure that all the regions of the country have a chance to be heard. That also means that the people who bring challenges get their chance to say their peace.

Luciana Lossio has heard both sides of every case, and she will make sure that people are given their day in court. She will rule fairly, and then she will make sure that the cases are disposed of quickly. She will help to keep the country moving, and she will not allow anyone to have their time wasted when they come to the court. The electoral court of Brazil is a battleground that is now run by a wise woman.

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University of Michigan Partners with Dick DeVos’s West Michigan Aviation College

West Michigan Aviation Academy is among the few high schools in Michigan offering aviation learning and other additional science, technology, and engineering courses. The school was founded by the billionaire Dick DeVos in the year 2010 as a charter high school in Grand Rapids.


The aviation academy draw their students from over 40 diverse districts in Michigan and their students are selected by lottery. The school graduated its first groups of seniors in the year 2014 and plans to expand its science and engineering curriculum.


Last year, West Michigan Aviation Academy triggered an agreement with the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering in a commitment to make more engineers. This agreement would give high school graduates of West Michigan Aviation access to a comprehensive engineering syllabus and a clearer direction to the state’s top university.


The partnership agreement was signed at a public event at Gerald Ford International Airport on Tuesday May last year. The (Chief Executive Officer of Amway) founder of the high school Dick DeVos and the Dean of Engineering at University of Michigan, David Munson inaugurated the partnership.


The principal of the school, Pat Cwayna was particularly delighted about the partnership saying that it would be an honor to have an engineering university a chance to guide their student. High school students will have a chance to visit the university facility and participate in the Engineering Expo, annually organized by the university to showcase creative and innovative engineering projects.


The partnership came a few months after J. Scott Grill Fund scholarship, offered by Aerospace Engineers, was announced to introduce the studies of aeronautical engineering in the school. The scholarship worth $150,000 was aimed at providing graduates interested in pursuing aerospace engineering with annual tuition fees in a full-time basis.


And as the Dean of Engineering at University of Michigan says, the university will continue its commitment of ensuring that cost is not a barrier for any resident pursuing an undergraduate degree program at the institution. The scholarship would also be an opportunity for a number of their alumni to take part in promoting science, engineering and technology.

The Boraie Development is Redefining Family Move Night

There is something special about a community. There is a connection that is palpable even amongst strangers. Many business owners understand this connection and know it is important to nurture it. One of these business owners is none other than Omar Boraie who is the leader of Boraie Development. This company and person decided to help the community bond in a special way this year, which was by showing them great family films.
Driving the Boraie Company

The Boraie Development–based in New Brunswick, NJ–has been in the business of building and development for some time. It was founded back in 1986 and has been serving its community and branching out to serve others as well. The company is not driven by profit as much as it is driven by community development. The team behind the company wants to be a part of the foundation of great city building.

Take, for example, the work they have been doing in New Brunswick, which was outlined in NJ Spotlight. This is a city that has not seen an economic boost for some time. It was plagued with low-rent buildings and new businesses were at an all-time low. But this was something that the Boraie Development company was not going to allow. They started to invest in some of the downtown areas, making it a little more walk-friendly and transit-friendly to attract millennials. This has worked, and it has been great for the city.

An Investment in Community

Just like before, the Boraie Development company continues to invest in communities and growing stronger bonds, which attracted them to the Community Access Initiative. This is an initiative that was aimed for families in the community to have a fun day at a historic location in New Jersey, which was the State Theatre.

The Boraie Development company donated this year to help make sure that this yearly event was free for the families of New Jersey. The event–as reported by the New Jersey Stage–is to take place from July 12 to August 16. Through those dates there will be free movies showing that include movies like Frozen or Aladdin.  Learn more about Boraie Development::

The families are going to enjoy the movies up on the big screen like it always should be and in the middle of a majestic theater that was built back in 1921. There is definitely a lot of love and care invested in this event and the Boraie Development company is just proud to be a part of that.

District Attorney Ethics Violation Underscores Campaign Finance Laws

The political scene in San Francisco has been rather competitive for years. This is a diverse city with a great deal going for it, so it is not surprising that more than a few candidates are consistently vying for public office. Occasionally, however, ethical complaints are lodged against even the best intentioned of candidates. Just recently, District Attorney George Gascon announced that he is pursuing felony charges against two Sheriff deputies in Alameda County. This comes not long after Gascon himself has been fined by the San Francisco Ethics Commission for campaign finance violations.

This underscores the need for better reform within the existing system. Gascon came under fire because he solicited campaign donations from city employees, which was a clear violation of existing ethical guidelines long put into place in San Francisco. Members of his staff, including Assistant District Attorney Michael Swart and Chief of Staff Cristine Soto DeBerry were also found to be at fault and required to pay a $1,400 fine. Common sense would seem to indicate that public officials should not use their position to raise money from the very individuals that they supervise; yet that appears to be the case in this situation.

As a district attorney, Gascon has a great deal of influence over legal matters affecting public and private individuals throughout San Francisco. He is held to a high standard, and as reports indicate, he should know better than commit a violation of such an egregious scale. Penalties should be harsher in order to discourage such activity in the future.

The mere notion that the District Attorney is now pursuing ethical charges against other public employees speaks to the gravity of this situation. The public is looking to its elected officials to uphold the integrity of the office. In an era where the average member of society is increasingly skeptical of its elected officials, true reform cannot come soon enough.


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