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A Journey Like No Other

In 2007, after years of horrific torment, thirteen-year old Yeonmi Park fled North Korea with her mother. Today, Park is an accomplished human rights activist, and the co-author of a new book, ‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’, chronicling in detail, her harrowing childhood . The book offers insight into a world westerners know little of, and Park does not pull any punches while addressing her demons. Park is courageous when confronting her demons. While Yeonmi Park has spoken about her experiences without delving too deeply into the details, in the Amazon released book ‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’ Park bravely reveals on The Reason TV the overwhelming adversity she faced, introducing the reader to a devastating existence. Yeonmi Park’s book illuminates a world defined by hardship and deceit, one that millions of North Koreans continue to endure. Park is fearless, and her description of her and her mother being sold into sex slavery in China, before her eventual escape to Seoul, South Korea.

Yeonmi Park’s life story is fascinating to say the least. It begins where she grew up, directly across from the Yalu River bordering China. Prior to the economic meltdown during the nineties in North Korea, her family was educated and socially connected. Financially devastated, her father was forced into the black market to prevent his family from starving until being arrested for smuggling and subsequently sentenced to a labor camp. This traumatic event left the family socially stigmatized, and they were immediately put into survival mode. Tall tales and rumors that women from North Korea could find work in China, not to mention their impetuous to simply not starve, led the women to agree to be transported across the Yalu, only to face a heinous cartel of human traffickers. Fortunately, they found a Christian shelter, that aided in their escape via Mongolia, through the Gobi Dessert.



How The Money Markets Have Been Unfavorable to Kyle Bass

Every new month presents a new downturn in Kyle Bass’ career. The man who has made a name for himself for being the go-to hedge funder for the Argentine upper class dreads each new day. Looking back to 2006 when he started Hayman Capital, a Dallas based hedge fund, he had the hallmarks of a lucky gambler and a successful player in the financial markets.

UsefulStooges was one of the first to show Bass amassed a fortune in 2008 when he correctly predicted that there would be a crisis in the subprime mortgage industry. This thrust him into the limelight from oblivion and announced his boisterous debut on the financial markets. Many experts concluded that the Dallas native was an industry maverick with a Midas touch.

The Luckless Streak

Those who were skeptical about Bass’ rise to the top had their worst fears confirmed when his streak of good fortune went on a downward spiral. We embarked on a spree of making bad predictions, which has stuck since then. The touch of gold he once has was replaced by inauspiciousness. Even more surprisingly, he does this in the public domain. His quest for publicity has seen him accept all media interviews, through which he gives his analyses. These often turn out later to haunt him.

Distasteful Alliances

Kyle not only makes bad calls on CNBC but also forges seedy partnerships. Whereas it is common knowledge that economically ignorant Argentinian autocrat Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has caused a slump in her country’s economy, Bass has relentlessly pursued an economic alliance with her. He sings praises about her reformative policies whenever he gets a chance. When Argentina under her leadership ducked on its sovereign bond for the second time in thirteen years, Bass stood by the dictator.

Previously, such a failure to pay debts was seen as an illogical and unfortified act. Bass however managed to rationalize it. While doing this, he advanced baseless arguments, which seemed so out of touch that people started drawing comparisons between him and Argentina’s leftist Minister for Economy, Axel Kicillof. Bass has been consistent in defending the nation’s negligent economic strategies. By doing this, he has turned a blind eye on the daylight fraud that has become prevalent in the vast South American country, which was once affluent.

Questions still abound as to why such a brilliant mind would support detrimental economic policies.

The New Marketing Craze

Marketing has been around since humans decided to start selling things. As the selling game has become more and more sophisticated, so has the marketing. From the newspapers to the radios, and then to the internet, marketing has become a game of the flashiest, largest ads. Email marketing is only the latest marketing tool, and boy has it been effective.

Videos have long been one of the best ways to direct customer attention. As email marketing becomes a more efficient source, video marketing has lost popularity with companies. With customers, it is still as efficient as ever. How does one combine the two marketing types?

Enter Talk Fusion. This company was founded in 2007, when Bob Reina – the current CEO – wanted to make a five second video and email it to his friends. America Online laughed at him. However, with the help of a tech savvy friend, Reina made it happen. The company was founded.

Customers will now be able to simply click the play button and watch the video. Even better is how easy the company makes it for their customers to make the videos.

The user simply picks one of the templates (of which there are over 1,000), and records their video. All the user needs on their end is a webcam and a desktop or laptop with internet access. Once the video is recorded, it’s uploaded to the servers that Talk Fusion hosts. Then, the video is embedded into the email, and all the user has to do is type in the recipient email addresses.

Even better for the user, the company allows them to see the list of recipients after the email is sent. This list shows who has opened the email, who read it all the way through, and who stopped about half way through.

No matter how the user slices it, Talk Fusion has a wonderful way to help make it happen.

OrganoGold Is Making The World A Healthier, Wealthier Place

OrganoGold is a company that helps people improve their lives in numerous ways. Began in 2008 in Richmond, B.C., Canada by founder and CEO Bernardo Chua and three employees, it is currently in operation in thirty five countries globally.  In fact, Bernardo has seen them expand into Turkey for the first time.

Health and wellness is offered to the public through OrganoGold’s products which contain the highest quality organic ganoderma, one of the world’s most plentiful source of antioxidants. Combining ganoderma with the most beloved drinks in the world, coffee and tea, was sheer genius, an idea that changed the world. They also offer financial health to interested customers who want to become independent distributors.

OrganoGold is one of the most reputable companies around the globe with a firm foundation of hard working, loyal employees. Bernardo ‘Bernie’ Chua has played a large role in the success of OrganoGold. Being of Chinese descent, he grew up knowing about the benefits of ganoderma, which has been highly esteemed for hundreds of years in China and other Asian countries. Wishing to share that knowledge, he has been busy for years, educating the world about the numerous health benefits of of ganoderma.

The products they produce are effective weapons in the perpetual battle with not only disease but also the ravages of age. The opportunity to prosper financially by becoming a part of the company is another important way lives are being improved by OrganoGold. From the Wuyi Mountains of China, ganoderma is finding its way into the cups of people around the globe, making them healthier and in many cases, wealthier. OrganoGold and its team of dedicated, unified professionals are responsible for that phenomena. That has always been their goal.  Check out one of Bernardo’s speeches to the troops.

A New Friend for My Girls


I am a work at home mom with two children under the age of three within my home. Needless to say, it is the hardest position I have ever tried to hold in my life. After weeks of racking my brain on what could possibly keep my girls occupied, I came to the decision that they needed a puppy. I already had a few bags of Beneful my brother left here from his visit, so I am one step ahead of the game. The only other thing I would need is Beneful treats and maybe a few toys that the girls could throw around for the dog. I’m thinking I might just have a few old stuffed animals out in the garage for that purpose.

I figured tomorrow we could head to shelter first thing in the morning after I take them to their ballet classes downtown. I am hoping that they can decide together on which puppy they want to bring home and not fight about it. Once we get he or she home than we will have to figure out which girl is on Purinastore’s Beneful duties on certain days. If they are going to have a puppy, they most certainly are going to have to take on a little responsibility. Even though they are young, I think it will be a great idea for them to start learning to care for another life form. This will allow them to learn compassion and how to do small chores around the house. I think if more parents did this than there would be a whole lot less attitude in the world.

The one thing I am excited about with having a new puppy is that I can try out the new Freshpet product I have been reading about and watching on Youtube online. There was an article a month or so back about the owner Richard Thompson and what his goals were with the new product. His goal is seemingly working because I am a health freak and I would very much enjoy having our new family friend eat the same type of food as us. Seeing that I don’t have to prepare the food and I can just purchase it at the store, it sounds like the perfect idea to me.



May the “Force” Be With Urbana…

A former pro athlete, the current founder of a lacrosse camp, and it doesn’t stop there…

Jon Urbana’s “Earth Force” GoFundMe Campaign is one we can all relate to and appreciate.

It is not often enough that (most) of us stop and take a second to appreciate OUR earth…and all her beauty. It’s not enough just to recycle our plastics, and ride our bikes whenever possible. We must also inspire the younger generations at his camp to realize how precious our planet is. Mr. Urbana is doing just that and reaching out and trying to do just that. This campaign, although based in Denver, has reached cities all over the country, thanks in large part to Urbana’s strong connections to Villanova.

Jon Urbana has also started a charity campaign through CrowdRise to raise money for a non-profit organization called ARAS (Animal Rescue & Adoption Society) in his native Denver, Colorado. He updates his donors daily on his blog.

There are not enough Urbana’s out there if you ask me. We should all do what we can to help our furry friends. They don’t have a voice, and just a simple gesture can go so far, and make a world of difference. See all of the press he’s received at his Crunchbase page.

You go Jon Urbana! Fly that airplane high. You are a perfect example of someone who can dedicate oneself to not only their craft, but to those around him as well.


Contact Jon anytime at