Richard Smith Makes Securus Technologies the Leading Innovator and Provider of Security Devices

When you mention Securus Technologies, the name that naturally occurs to you is that of Richard A. Smith aka Rick, a man whose administrative acumen and excellence has enabled the company to be the leading supplier of advanced technologies to incarceration facilities. Some of the effective technical and innovative solutions he has introduced since he took the leadership of the company include the development of a sophisticated associate program for sales and the rapid expansion of the company’s customer base. Amongst his other significant achievements was the addition of John Bell to join the robust marketing division of the company as a senior sales executive.

As the Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, he has built the company into a stable investment entity leading in the provision of cutting-edge technology solutions to correctional facilities. Under his tenure, the company releases product and service development proposals weekly. He has taken an active lead in helping law enforcement agencies to prevent an increase in social problems by solving crimes before they happen, and individually, Mr. Smith has made safety integral to the DNA of the company. Read more on

His career in telecommunication covers many years and organizations all of which he served with dedication. He has left exceptional performance records wherever he has worked. Starting with Midwest Telephone Operations where he was the Vice President in 1972. Other similar top executive roles he has played include being a Chief Information Officer, Network Plant Operations Director, Controller, Vice President of Financial Management at Frontier Corp, President of Frontier Information Technologies, and the Director of Business Development. At Eschelon Telecom Inc., he served as the President between 2000 and 2003. By working hard, he became the Director in 2008, Chairman in 2009, and now he is the CEO of Securus.

Rick is an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology where he acquired an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. Before that, he was a student at the State University of New York at Buffalo from where he also received a degree in Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. The above qualifications do not sum up all his academic achievements because from the University of Rochester’s Simon School he got a Master’s in Business Administration, and from the State University of New York at Brockport, he acquired masters in mathematics.

Rick Smith record of impressive accomplishments suits the administrative needs of Securus Technologies so well. The vast base of experience he has in telecom coupled with the senior positions he has held in many companies makes Rick a much sought-after executive in the industry. The top positions he has had in several disciplines such as business development and operations, finance management, and IT installation speak volumes about his competence, and extensive capabilities.

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Is There A Fantasy Sleeper Keeper QB in the 2017 NFL Football Draft?

Let’s face it, filling your fantasy team with quality runners and elite pass catchers is critical. However, just like the real thing in professional football, the right quarterback can be the difference between a nice fantasy football season, and league champion hardware.



In this year’s rookie draft class, six quarterbacks were selected by the end of round three. All of this after none was rated as an immediate franchise changer. So, are any of them really worth a roster spot in 2017, or a must grab in a keeper league?



The Stats Don’t Lie


The likelihood for rookie quarterbacks to end up behind center during their inaugural season is a trend that has gathered steam over the last decade. Seven out of the ten best rookie QB performances have occurred during the last decade.



Throw in the all-time best rookie statistical season by Big Ben Roethlisberger in 2004, and you only have two rookie QBs who have put up numbers worthy of starting spot on a fantasy roster. Those two fellows were named Manning and Marino.



Which Rookie QBs, Are Most Worthy of a Roster Spot in 2017?


Now, although it’s rare for a rookie to take over the reigns of their new team during that first season, it does happen. When it does, that person is invariably worthy of a draft spot. This is especially true, if your league uses keeper-players.



In what was supposedly a weak draft for quarterback talent, there were still three snagged in round one, and three more taken off the big board by the end of round three. Out of these six, which ones are most worthy of a roster spot on your fantasy team?



  • Mitchell Trubisky



When your new team shifts draft spots just to make sure no one will steal you with the second selection in the draft, there’s a future plan for you. Only problem is Mitchell Trubisky may be as green as they come at quarterback.



Trubisky earned the honor of Mr. Ohio Football, before heading to Chapel Hill However, he only played one full season for the Tar Heels. Conference honors eluded him also, because he played in the ACC with two Heisman finalists. However, don’t get too caught up in college stats and awards, or the lack thereof.



Trubisky completed nearly 70% of his throws in that one season, with a 30 touchdown passes countered by only a half dozen picks. The Chicago Bears have a hunch this is their quarterback of the future, but when will that future start.



Trubisky is definitely a draft day pickup, if you have roster space to wait on a franchise QB to develop. But, is he a keeper quality quarterback? You may find out sooner than you think, considering the current state of football affairs in the Windy City.



  • DeShone Kizer



Yeah, hard to extend much hope for any quarterback associated with the poor Cleveland Browns. Their history of drafting QB failure is well documented. From Tim Couch to Johnny Football Manziel, and most recently an attempt to resurrect the career of RGIII, the Browns seem to be a field of failure for quarterbacks. Now the Browns welcome Lake Erie, the most recent QB who tried to ignite ‘Touchdown Jesus’ in South Bend, Indiana.



De Shone Kizer does not suffer from a lack of confidence. While it was certainly misinterpreted, Kizer innocently compared himself in a manner to ‘a man named Brady’. Yes, that would be record-breaking Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady. In his defense, Kizer’s remarks focused on his work ethic, a penchant for going the extra mile to be the best prepared player on the field every game.



While a noble quality, the passes still have to navigate their way to their intended target. Kizer has shown some talent for accomplishing that objective as well. He is a big strong kid, who obviously does not lack confidence.



Fantasy team owners need to remember, he is going to be wearing the colors of the Cleveland Browns, so temper any grandiose expectations that Kizer could duplicate the surprise stardom of a Dak Prescott. However, is he maybe one of the most intriguing QB talents from the class of 2017? While this is the future quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, he may have more potential than anyone headed forward.



NFL rookie camps don’t start until July, so now is a great time to break up the summer-long monotony of daily MLB lineup maneuvering. Keep on the developments over the summer for the rookie class of QBs.


In all likelihood, none will surface as a week one starter, but fantasy predictions have been fooled before. No matter when they take over the reigns of their new team, Trubisky and Kizer should be the first two on your fantasy QB radar from this rookie class.

The Brazilian Entrepreneur and Investor, Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama began his career in advertisement as a copywriter with Ogilvy & Mather after receiving his degree in advertising and communication. He then went on to work with DM9, BBDO, and Young & Rubicam.

He went on to found Neogama, a Brazilian advertising agency, in 1999. Neogama was quite successful, being the only Brazilian agency to win an award from the Cannes Festival in the year of its founding. It later went on to be associated with the British company, BBH, in 2002 and to win more awards. This association ceased in 2016 and Neogama again focused primarily on Brazil.

Although Neogama is perhaps Alexandre Gama’s most successful venture, he has also met success in other areas being the only Brazilian in an international committee of global advertising agencies and is influential in the Brazilian art scene. He founded VIOLAB, a music company promoting Brazilian musicians and guitar players, and held his own art exhibition in his native Brazil. Gama also invests heavily in the British automobile company BAC.

Getting Litigation With Karl Heideck

Getting legal help from Karl Heideck

Getting legal help from Karl Heideck

Litigation is a process by which disputes are resolved by either filing a complaint or answering a complaint through the public court system. Litigation is most often settled by whatever parties involved, but it can also be taken to court and be heard by either a judge or jury. Regardless of what the common conception about litigation is, the fact is that it is not just another lawsuit. There are a variety of activities that can be involved with litigation in order to enforce a legal right. Litigation starts once someone has decided to enforce or defend their legal rights.

Karl Heideck is a highly regarded litigator in Philadelphia, in which he has a vast amount of experience in litigation, risk management, and compliance. He began working as a contract attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer in early 2015. In 2010 Karl Heideck worked as a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP, to which he was a top level quality control specialist until mid 2014. Karl Heideck also worked for Conrad O’Brien as an associate from the beginning of 2010 until August of 2010, in which he represented individual clients and corporate clients in complex and commercial litigation. Karl Heideck obtained his law degree from Temple University in 2009.

Karl Heideck has a large skillset which includes corporate law, legal writing, litigation, legal research, product liability, courts, commercial litigation, teaching, arbitration, intellectual property, employment law, trials, teaching, mediation, Westlaw, and civil litigation. He has dealt with issues pertaining to white collar defense and has also dealt with bankruptcy restructuring.

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What’s Next for Capital Anesthesiology Association?

If you haven’t heard by now, the U.S. is home to one of the very best independent practices of anesthesiology. This organization has a ton of medical personnel that are of the highest of quality. With around 130 certified registered nurses and up to 80 physicians, this organization is also one of the largest independent practices of doctors and nurses who specializes in the topic at hand. If you haven’t figured it out by now this organization is (CAA) or Capital Anesthesiology Association. Some of the highest of standards are present under this huge roof and all aspects of clinical aspects are performed here.

Patients will receive the safest most comfortable experience thanks to the organizations super high standards. There isn’t another similar independent practice that can do what CAA is doing. This is the highest quality of care from some of the very best in the industry. Whether it’s for level 1 trauma centers, high acuity hospitals, or for ambulatory surgical centers, Capital Anesthesiology Association is the cream of the crop. Many of the clinical staff have taken advanced training that covers pediatric, obstetric, cardiothoracic, regional, and general anesthesia care as well.

The CRNAs work right along side of the physicians, which makes for a winning combination and they’re just as qualified as well. There just isn’t any weaknesses here and CAA is breaking new ground on what is the future of this vital service.

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The Wessex Institute of Technology Has The Greatest Scientific Awards

The Wessex Institute of Technology is dedicated to research projects and scientific paper publishing. They are also known for their annual conferences and awards ceremonies.

Since 2004, they institute has given away annual Prigogine Medals to the greatest minds in scientific research. Brian Fath from the United States was the award winner in 2016. They had also begun giving out George Green Medals since 2014.

The annual conferences of the Wessex Institute are no joke. They invite the greatest minds to speak at the 25 international conferences. The conferences are held at several international locations with most of them within Europe. Discussions are typically about the latest scientific and societal challenges facing the world.

They also publish several journals through the WIT Press. Journal titles include Sustainable Development and Planning, Design & Nature and Eco-dynamic and Transport Development and Integration. There are 8 journals in total that are published every year.

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A Look At How Todd Lubar Helps People Attain Their Dreams

Todd Lubar currently has a few roles in the real estate industry. He is the Founder and President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He is also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. He has been in the real estate industry for more than 20 years and has helped a lot of people purchase their first home during his career. As a prolific entrepreneur, Todd has also founded and operated businesses in other industries such as owning a nightclub, construction, a recycling company, and mortgage banking.

At TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar helps people buy homes who don’t qualify for conventional lending. He offers alternative mortgages that many people need in order to attain their dream of owning a home. According to, he has extensive experience in the mortgage industry, having worked as a mortgage banker at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In his role at Crestar, he learned the ins and outs of conservative lending standards. He also built up a large network of industry contacts such as real estate agents, insurance agents, and other mortgage bankers.

Todd has said on his Facebook page that he enjoys starting out his day drinking coffee and spending time with his two young children. After that, he makes the time for a workout before getting to work. He said this not only supplies him with the energy to get through the day but it also helps to clear his head so he can work effectively and efficiently.

As an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar has had his moments of successes and failures. He has said that the most important thing is to work really hard and create a company culture of honest communication and trusting relationships.

It was in 1995 that Todd graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. After working at Crestar, he was hired by Legacy Financial and tasked with increasing the sales volume at their Maryland offices. He was highly successful in this position, increasing annual sales volume my more than $100 million a year. Other leadership position he has had in his career includes being the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding.

Who, What, WEN, Where And Wow. This Stuff Rocks!

We have become a nation of healthier lifestyles and often question what kinds of chemicals are present in our foods and beverages.

When it comes to our hair, many of us simply shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse and repeat, never bothering to check what’s in our hair care bottles. Chaz Dean knew something was wrong in the beauty industry because nasty sulfates and parabens were being quietly blended into our shampoos. He’s a famous on YouTube as a Hollywood star stylist who knew that these harsh chemicals were robbing the hair of its shine and moisture and actually weakening the hair shaft.

That’s why Chaz Dean introduced the world to WEN By Chaz, and after selling 40 million bottles of his unique no lather shampoos, he keeps the mission going. His brand is based on healthy goodness, deriving amazing formulas from plant-based extracts like lavender, pomegranate, tea tree oil and others. You won’t find lather in his products, and there are zero parabens or sulfates.

Bustle beauty blogger Emily McClure was intrigued by the WEN no lather shampoo concept and decided to give the brand a whirl for one week. She chose the Fig cleansing conditioner to give her limp locks a nice boost of moisture and fullness.

Emily noticed right away that WEN added volume to her tresses, instant gloss and a smoother texture. She blew dry her hair and then curled with with her styling tools. Her girlfriends could see a major difference, and Emily liked the compliments.

Emily highly recommends the WEN By Chaz hair care routine. She got the most out of the brand by using WEN’s cleansing conditioner every morning. As long as she invested the time to use a blow dryer and then styling tools, she could achieve that Hollywood hair that WEN is famous for.

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A Smart Worker in Norman Pattiz

For anything to capture the attention of the masses, they for one have to know of its existence, its uses and the benefit it will accrue to them. They also have to be convinced about the product and also persuaded to use and keep using it over time. For this to be actualized, the advertisement has to play a fundamental role in the process, just like Norman Pattiz does it.

According to Forbes, Norman Pattiz is the founder and also the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, the leading advertiser-supported podcast network in the nation. He has also founded radio giants Westwood One with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Under his inspiring leadership, it became America’s largest entertainment, news, sports, traffic and talk programming provider in the Broadcast Industry.

The Network is highly prolific with a current host of over 200 most renowned podcasts like Chris Jericho. It featured podcasts like Beyond the Darkness that involved enlightening and entertaining conversations with researchers of the paranormal.

Crunchbase revealed that Back-tracking to 2010, Norman Pattiz founded and also launched Courtside Entertainment Group aimed at producing and distributing quality programming. After a critical observation and analysis of the media market, he identified a market gap in the audio sector and went ahead to seize it. In late 2012, PodcastOne was launched. Through this initiative, the firm rapidly became the number one producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming.

Norman Pattiz has twice been appointed to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of America. He was entrusted to conceive and launch America’s Arabic language radio and television services to the Middle East and also the Farsi language broadcasting to Iran, with a weekly audience of over forty million.

In the year 2009, he was introduced into the Radio Hall of Fame where he received a Broadcasting Award from American Broadcasting. Also, he has served as Chairman in the National Security Laboratories, a Regent of California University and a member of the Foreign and Pacific International Relations Council. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Norman Pattiz is a great implementer of ideas who likes to be informed and fancies busying himself as a means of excitement and personal fulfillment.

Fabletics Ethical Fashion With A Passion

There are a lot of different feelings about Fashion. On one hand, it is good for people to be able to enjoy the different styles that are presented to people. However, there is one issue that often messes with people’s conscience. It is the environment and conditions that these types of fashion are created in. A lot of companies are involved n the funding of factories that have harsh living conditions. One of the reasons that these companies outsource to these factories is that they are trying to save money on the construction of these clothes. They also want to show that they do not condone the harsh conditions that fashion companies tend to use in order to create clothes.


Among the people who want to make sure that clothing companies follow an ethical method of creating clothes and bringing them to people is Kate Hudson. One of the issues that she has looked at with Fabletics is the method that is used to supply clothing. She was not going to get involved with a company that made clothes at the expense of people in harsh conditions. At the same time, she had wanted to save people money when they shopped for unique styles.


Her search for ethical means of supplying affordable clothing has resulted in one of the most successful clothing companies that supply people with some of the most stylish clothing that one could find in its category. Therefore, women can enjoy some very unique styles even in the sportswear category of fashion. When women look at the new designs, they get thrilled. Fabletics gives them more ideas about what they can do to express themselves with the fashion statements they can make with these types of products. They get to experience the sense of style that they could only dream of.


Kate Hudson has made sure that she is selling ethical products. This is much more than could be said for Amazon which sells anything without regards to the ethics of the construction of the products. Kate Hudson makes sure that she is not even partially involved in the exploitation of people at a disadvantage. Even if people do not think about the issues that are faced in the factories that make clothes, Kate Hudson does. Therefore, she wants to make sure that these types of business practices are awarded. She also wants to beat out the unethical businesses so that people will enjoy a lot of the fashion without any blows to their conscience.